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The Scientific Reason Affirmations Work So Well

Even if you're on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder, intimidated by those peering down at you from above, there's a way to boost your confidence...

Emi Boscamp
April 20 2015

Why You Don't Need To Suffer To Get What You Really Want In Life

I have a client who's more than a little attached to winning an Oscar. She dreams about her acceptance speech, and what her life will be like...

Emily Fletcher
April 16 2015

Listful Thinking: How Making Lists Can Boost Your Health

Not only are lists used in therapy, but they can also be used to get other aspects of your health in check. When I first started my blog, I wrote a...

Paula Rizzo
April 16 2015

Seattle Company Raises All Its Employees' Salaries To At Least $70K

Last week, we reported that while money may not be able to buy you happiness, it sure can get you some more sleep.

Emi Boscamp
April 15 2015

7 Signs You Need To Work Less & Play More

As an ambitious young woman who went straight from college to law school, I dove into the working world at the age of 25 with nothing but naive...

Money Can't Buy Happiness, But Study Says It Can Get You More Sleep

Sleep deprivation in America is such an issue, the CDC has actually labeled it a national epidemic. And with the problem only worsening, the National...

Emi Boscamp
April 10 2015

Sarah Silverman Wants Women To #Ask4More In The Workplace (Video)

Sarah Silverman is known for her quick — and commonly vulgar — wit. When she takes the stage, she holds nothing back, chuckling about the most morose...

Emi Boscamp
April 8 2015

10 Questions To Help You Tap Into Your Purpose

People often begin their search for career answers by asking philosophically-driven, introspective questions like, "What makes me come alive?", "What...

Alison Elissa Cardy
April 5 2015

The Most Enjoyable Way To Boost Creativity

If you're sitting there staring blankly at your computer screen, feeling less than inspired, the best thing you can do for yourself, apparently, is to...

Emi Boscamp
March 31 2015

10 Ways To Deal With A Crappy Boss

It happens to all of us at some point: we end up working for someone who is a crappy leader, administrator or boss. Working for 30 years in the public...

Kathy Catlin
March 27 2015

How To Know Whether Or Not It's Time To Quit Your Job

It's so tempting to see a greener patch of grass when we're having a bad day at work, isn't it? We think instantly of our high school dreams of...

Samantha Nolan-Smith
March 23 2015

Companies Run By Women Perform Much Better Than Those Run By Men

According to a recent survey by Pew, 80% of people considered women to be just as qualified to lead a company as men. In fact, many said they believed...

Emi Boscamp
March 17 2015

How To Define Success On Your Own Terms

It's obvious to most people that there's no longer a hegemonic definition of success, even in America, which created the "American Dream" for the...

March 11 2015

How To Work From Home & Not Go Crazy

I used to imagine that being self-employed and working from home was a luxurious lifestyle, free of rules or scheduling and filled with afternoons...

Ilene Godofsky
March 9 2015

To Protect Your Heart, Find Your Life's Purpose

No time to exercise? Too busy focusing on your career? We've all used that excuse, but now there's evidence that if you feel like you've found your...

Emi Boscamp
March 6 2015

Why You Should Take A Nap Every Day

There are plenty of ways to sneak relaxation into your day, including meditation, mindfully eating lunch, sneaking in a lunch-hour workout — whatever...

March 5 2015