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5 Things I Do Every Day For Kick-Ass Energy

Diabetic health coach Lauren Bongiorno shares her top tips for feeling like superwoman—from the supplements she takes to the sleep schedule she keeps.

Lauren Bongiorno
September 20 2017

This Is The City Where People Get The Most Exercise

They also have the highest well-being.

Leigh Weingus
September 20 2017

Dr. Frank Lipman On The Best Diet Ever, Two (Big!) Things Wellness Is Missing & The Future Of Well-Being

"I knew my truth; I knew there was a better way, and I was just trying to find whatever would work for patients."

Jason Wachob
September 20 2017

Breaking: These Are The Natural Beauty Trends You Need To Know This Year

We're thrilled that the beauty industry overall is moving in a more natural direction.

September 18 2017

An RD Shares Her Top 5 Ways To Have A Productive Morning

Here's how this easy breakfast (prepared the night before) can help you have a crazy-productive morning.

Lisa Hayim
September 18 2017

Performance and the Pursuit of Balance

The triathlete and 11-time Ironman champion shares her definition of balance in the context of personal discipline, competition, and professional...

September 17 2017

New Horizons In Healing: Ketosis, Stem Cells, & Ozone Therapy

Two doctors discuss ketosis, stem cells, and ozone therapy and the role they play in the health of individuals and the planet.

September 17 2017

Becoming a Doctor, Losing Myself

A young doctor discovers the limitations of Western medicine when she confronts an undiagnosed chronic illnesses, ultimately finding her way to...

September 16 2017