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This Guided Meditation Will Help You Manifest Wealth

Do you feel embarrassed when you don't have "enough" money? Do you feel guilty when you have more money than your friends? What is the perfect amount...

Emily Fletcher
September 28 2015

Use This Guided Visualization Practice To Finally Lose Weight

Can you name three things you love about your body right now? If it is easier for you to name three things you "hate" about your body than three...

Emily Fletcher
September 25 2015

How To Reduce The Number Of Bad Decisions You Make

Five tactics I used to find clarity, which will guide you as you select the best path for yourself.

Cloris Kylie
September 10 2015

Suffering From Insomnia? Start A Visualization Practice

Before I learned to meditate, I suffered from insomnia for 18 months. I do not use the word "suffered" often and I do not use it lightly. Do you know...

Emily Fletcher
September 5 2015

A Breathing Practice To Help Ground Your Root Chakra

Pranayama is a powerful, focused breathing technique that directs our energy flow for healing and self-realization. In the book Infinite Mind: Science...

Leigh Tremaine
July 21 2015

8 Successful People Who Use The Power Of Visualization

Like most of America, we were thrilled by the U.S. women's soccer team's stunning performance on Sunday.

Anna Williams
July 8 2015

A 5-Minute Meditation To Leave You Feeling More Grounded

Springtime can be a very busy season for many of us. We often find ourselves running around and doing all the things we wanted to do all winter long,...

Hillary Wright
April 27 2015

DIY Foot Reflexology: 7 Pressure Points To Reduce Stress & Boost Metabolism

Your thoughts and visualizations affect the world around you — starting with your body. If your goal is the best possible version of yourself, picture...

Laura Norman, M.S., LMT
April 23 2015

7 Ways To Change Your Life In 10 Minutes

You're probably familiar with the daily rituals of monks and monastics all over the world: wake up, meditate, read spiritual texts, meditate, read...

Alexander Heyne
March 14 2015

A Third Eye Chakra Meditation To Nurture Your Intuition

The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) is located in between the two eyes on the forehead. It is the energy center that connects us to the power of our...

Lauren Zavlunov
February 13 2015

How Jealousy Totally Transformed My Life (In A Good Way)

My jealousy was definitely not your typical, I'm-insecure-over-your-ex-girlfriend, kind of jealousy. It was the...

Patrice Herbst
January 30 2015

5 Steps To Create A Vision For The Year (It's Better Than A Resolution)

This year, instead of using the word "resolution," consider creating a vision for the year.

Brynn Johnson
January 9 2015

This Is The First Step Toward Successful Holistic Weight Loss

You know to eat, what you're supposed to eat to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals, but something trips you up. A voice, a thought, a fear...

Sick Of Working Out? 6 Tips To Motivate Yourself & Get Back In The Game

We all go through periods when exercise doesn't come as easily and naturally as we'd like it to. As someone who has gone through her fair share of...

Gena Raymond
January 4 2015

10 Mindset-Shifting Tips To Help You Eat More Plants

There's no shortage of healthy recipes out there. You own every new and hip plant-based cookbook, read all the best blogs and yet, you still can't...

Talia Pollock
January 2 2015

How Visualization Helped Me Lose 220 Pounds

In 2001, I weighed over 400 pounds. My weight was the big issue in every area of my life. I was borderline type II diabetic, suffered from elevated...

Jon Gabriel
December 30 2014

The Real Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams

We all saw that movie, "The Secret," and many of us (yours truly included) promptly got our poster boards and glue sticks, and cut out pictures of our...

Jennifer Grace
December 30 2014