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Steal This Leg Workout From Carrie Underwood's Trainer

These five killer exercises will have you feeling the burn while toning your legs all over. They can be adjusted for all types of levels. If you're a...

Erin Oprea
November 2 2015

Plank Challenge Day 1: Two New Moves For A Total-Body Workout

Here are two variations of the standard plank that will work your upper body, core, legs, and butt. Do 8 to 12 reps of each move, take a quick break,...

Laura McDonald
November 2 2015

Running The NYC Marathon? What You Need To Know About The Course (But No One Will Tell You)

As the coordinator for the New York Road Runners’ Official TCS New York City Marathon Online Training Program, I have worked with more than 12,000...

John Honerkamp
October 30 2015

9 Easy Moves For Sexy, Toned Legs

I'm a personal trainer and my clients often come to me looking for a killer lower-body workout. Well, here it is! This quick video focuses on working...

Laura McDonald
October 29 2015

5 Full-Body Exercises That Are Just As Effective As Burpees

Burpees can get boring if you do them too often, and let’s be honest — sometimes you just need to mix things up a bit. Try these five equipment-free...

Krista Stryker, NSCA-CPT
October 27 2015

A Navy SEAL's 4 Steps To Emotional Resilience

Do you tend to back off, or even quit, when things get really hard? Is it because you get overwhelmed emotionally, and let fear, uncertainty, or...

Mark Divine
October 26 2015

10 Reasons Everyone Should Lift Weights

There are countless benefits to a weigh-lifting regimen, and it's something men and women should work into their training schedule.

Erin Oprea
October 26 2015

How To Lift Weights The RIGHT Way

The way your body moves is unique to you and the specific set of circumstances it’s in. I'm a physical therapist, and after working with so many...

Laura Di Franco, MPT
October 22 2015

Why You Should Exercise Every Day: 14 Reasons That Will Get Your Butt To The Gym

The number on the scale isn’t the only reason to exercise. If your only goal is to lose weight, you might not stick with your workout regimen. I'm a...

Laura McDonald
October 21 2015

A 16-Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Even if you have no time for fitness, I'm certain you can find at least 16 minutes for this quick, four-exercise circuit.

Nora Tobin
October 20 2015

9 Of The Hardest Workouts You'll Ever Try

In New York City, it seems like a new fitness studio pops up every week. Each new workout is focused on an innovative way to kick your butt. There are...

Gabrielle Frank
October 16 2015

6 Exercises For A Killer Core (That Aren't Crunches!)

A strong core is vital for a healthy lower back — and let's be honest, who doesn't want a six-pack? Yet I find that many people do the same ab routine...

Polina Liu
October 11 2015

A Killer Ab Workout You Can Do In Your Living Room

These moves are some of my favorites because they are simple and effective and you don't need any equipment or even much space

Laura McDonald
October 8 2015

Challenge Day 3: Fire Up Your Core In 6 Minutes

Did you make it through the beginner workout on Day 1 of this core training series? Were you able to survive the advanced workout on Day 2? Well, now...

Dave Smith
October 7 2015

Challenge Day 2: Fire Up Your Core In 5 Minutes

Yesterday we began our three-day core training series with a beginner’s workout. It was challenging, but it was really just a warm-up compared to what...

Dave Smith
October 6 2015

The Most Challenging Sport You've Probably Never Heard About

Tandem surfing is the combination of surf ability, strength, flexibility, focus, balance, trust, and courage. As a tandem team you need to be...

Ahlia Hoffman
October 6 2015