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Yes, You Can Become A Morning Workout Person. Here's How

When I tell people that most days I am up before 6 a.m. to exercise, they tell me that I am lucky to have been born this way. It reality, it has...

Martina Zand
July 8 2015

10 Top NYC Trainers On Their Favorite Pre-Workout Snacks

It seems like everyone has an opinion on what you should or shouldn't eat before a workout. Protein bars have too many calories, energy drinks have...

Gabrielle Frank
July 7 2015

5 Exercises That Will Get You In Better Shape Than Running

There's no question about it: Most people think that running is the best way to get in shape, whether you're looking to lose weight or just boost your...

Krista Stryker
July 7 2015

Yes, You Can Get In Shape Without A Gym Membership. Here's How

Many people see “getting in shape” as being synonymous with “going to the gym.” It’s not. While belonging to a fitness club can be convenient, it’s...

Dave Smith
July 5 2015

A Strengthening Pom Pom Workout To Channel Your Inner Cheerleader!

Many people quit their fitness routines because they're simply not fun. Let’s face it, running on the treadmill to nowhere for an hour is boring! So...

Danielle Wechsler
July 4 2015

30-Second Moves To Tone Your Total Body

When it comes to getting lean and toned, you don't need a lot of time or a single piece of equipment. This total-body routine uses your bodyweight as...

Adam Rosante
July 3 2015

The 11 Stages Of Owning A FitBit

If you don't know what a FitBit is by now, it's time to learn. The bright, wearable fitness trackers are among the most popular on the market. The...

Gabrielle Frank
July 2 2015

Get Great Abs In 16 Minutes

This five-exercise ab circuit can be tacked on to a regular workout or used on its own, two or three times a week. The best part? The entire circuit...

Kayla MacArthur
July 2 2015

7 Reasons To Celebrate Women's Soccer

The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team is killing it. This week, they beat Germany 2-0 to advance to the final on Sunday. No team has scored against them for...

Gabrielle Frank
July 1 2015

4 Exercises You Can Do With Your Body Weight To Get Fit Without A Gym

Gym memberships cost time and money, and can be intimidating for beginners. Thankfully, you don’t need one to get a strong, healthy physique! You can...

Ryan Blair
July 1 2015

8 Signs You're Abusing Exercise

I’ve found that exercise abuse among “fit” people is almost as bad as the lack of exercise among the general public. Misusing exercise can lead to...

Dasha Libin, M.S.
June 30 2015

Why You Should Start Trail Running + 7 Tips To Make It Work For You

There’s nothing quite like working out in the wilderness. The beautiful surroundings, crisp air and sense of adventure make it easy to forget that...

Nora Tobin
June 30 2015

5 Mind Tricks To Make Your Workouts Easier & More Fun

We've all been there. For whatever reason, you just can seem to focus on your workout — maybe it's a "blah" day or you have a lot on your mind. Or...

Monica Nelson
June 26 2015

The One Move That Tones Your Whole Body

When we think about incorporating a specific motion into our training routines, we typically think of planks, lunges, squats — the standard stuff. And...

Dasha Libin, M.S.
June 26 2015

Got 12 Minutes? Blast Fat With This Jump Rope Workout (Video)

Did you know that jumping rope can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour? Yup, it's true! But who really has 60 minutes to workout these days? Not me....

Phoenyx Austin, M.D.
June 25 2015

Why HIIT Is Better Than Cardio

For those of you who think hammering it out at the gym for hours on end is still the only way to lose weight and get fit, I have some good news for...

Jinger Gottschall
June 24 2015

The 4 Stretches You Need To Do After Every Workout

Sometimes we just don’t have time to stretch. We rush through our workout and tell ourselves that we’ll stretch later, and then later never comes. The...

Holly Yates
June 20 2015

5 Mistakes Fitness Junkies Make Every Day

In my decades as a personal trainer working in Los Angeles, I’ve watched intelligent, well-intentioned, and focused athletes make decisions that...

Jini Cicero
June 18 2015