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A Spiritual Adviser On Why Most Relationships End

In my work as a spiritual adviser, I encounter the same two types of people: people unable to find the ideal relationship, and people who do find that...

Chandresh Bhardwaj
March 1 2016

The Ancient Herb That Helps With Digestion + Weight Loss: A Doctor Explains

As we grow older, it can be extremely challenging to lose fat through diet and exercise alone. To fight that stubborn fat, Ayurveda uses this...

Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D.
February 19 2016

8 Foods I Recommend Kids Eat Organic: A Nutritionist Explains

As a registered dietitian nutritionist with a focus on families, I'm often asked "Is organic food really a better choice for kids?" Here's what I say.

Jennifer Glockner
February 1 2016

14 Celebrities On Their Favorite Green Beauty Routines

While sitting in a makeup chair getting layers and layers of cosmetics heaped on their faces is part of the job for celebrities like Gisele, Gwyneth...

Allie White
January 29 2016

Monsanto Sues To Keep Its Herbicide Off California's List Of Known Carcinogens

Agricultural giant Monsanto has filed a lawsuit to keep California from labeling an ingredient in its herbicide as carcinogenic.

Emma Loewe
January 25 2016

The Toxic Chemicals You Need To Know About + How They Hurt Your Health

There are almost 1 million Google entries and more than 3,000 articles in the National Library of Medicine regarding persistent organic pollutants...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
January 23 2016

The One Thing You NEED In Your Makeup Bag

In this series, we'll spotlight one better-for-you-beauty-buy every week that not only does what it promises to do, but that also upholds the green,...

Allie White
January 18 2016

Get The Glow: A Green Beauty Expert Shares Her Skin Care Routines

As the founder of an amazing non-toxic beauty subscription box, Jeannie Jarnot knows a thing or two about all-natural skin care. She's made it her...

Jeannie Jarnot
January 13 2016

6 Simple Product Swaps To Be Better To Your Home & Body

It’s officially 2016, a new year, a chance for a fresh start ... an opportunity to avoid toxic chemicals? While it's not a typical resolution, when it...

Shaney jo Darden
January 6 2016

Here's Why The US Just Banned Microbeads (Video)

Earlier this week, President Obama signed a bill that will prohibit the sale and distribution of products that contain microbeads, those tiny pesky,...

Allie White
January 5 2016

3 All-Natural, DIY Recipes For Beautiful Red Lipstick

Wearing lipstick can make a woman feel bold, smart, sexy, and powerful. When you walk into a store, you'll find every shade of the rainbow and then...

Sasha Brown
January 5 2016

The One Thing Your Bathroom Is Missing

In this series, we'll spotlight one better-for-you-beauty-buy every week that not only does what it promises to do, but that also upholds the green,...

Allie White
January 4 2016

I'm A Professional Makeup Artist Who Uses Green Products. Here's Why

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in health and well-being, so it was only a matter of time until this interest spilled...

Louise Dartford
December 31 2015

What You Should Know About Switching To Natural Deodorant

The majority of my life — 24 years — was spent struggling with acne, eczema, psoriasis, migraines and auto-immune issues. Even though I worked in the...

Jerra Kelly
December 12 2015

How To ACTUALLY Understand Your Green Beauty Ingredient List

How do you choose between the delicious lavender body lotion and the mango-vanilla skin salve? Or the cherry lip gloss and the peppermint lip balm?

Annie Tevelin
December 1 2015

5 Rules To Get (And Keep) Gorgeous, Glowing, Healthy Skin For Life

Taking care of your skin is about so much more than what you put on it; lifestyle plays a big role in keeping your skin healthy, radiant, and youthful...

Tata Harper
November 9 2015

The Deodorant Hack You've Definitely Never Tried (It's Already In Your Fridge)

I spent half a century trying out various underarm protection products that guaranteed my satisfaction and an odor-free day, but to no avail.

T. Kari Mitchell
November 2 2015

Halloween Makeup Made My Son Vomit. Here's What I Didn't Know

Walk through the Halloween aisle at your local store and you'll see piles of makeup kits. Our advice? Keep walking.

Margot White
October 22 2015

The Simple Halloween Tradition That's Shockingly Toxic (It's Not The Candy)

Everyone loves Halloween. It's a holiday all about fantasy and having fun. Transforming yourself into whatever character you wish is exciting. But...

Paige Padgett
October 19 2015

Why Your Shampoo & Conditioner Will Eventually Stop Working

We know that our bodies build up a "tolerance" to certain things over time — caffeine, antibiotics, and alcohol, for example — rendering them less...

Josh Rosebrook
October 3 2015