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Finding Dory's Poignant Insights On Life, Joy & Spirituality

Who said there weren't life lessons to be found in cartoons?

Brock Cannon
July 10 2016

3 Ways To Deal With Stress & Uncertainty On Your Fertility Journey

No one plans to experience the pain of infertility. But feeling better *is* possible.

Trying To Have A Baby? What You Need To Know About Acupuncture

One study showed that having acupuncture during IVF may almost double your chances of conceiving.

Mary Sabo
June 27 2016

5 Concerns Of Women Who Are Pregnant After 35 + What I Tell Them: An MD Explains

As a doctor in the reproductive psychiatry and OB/GYN departments at UCSF Medical Center, I've worked with many moms who are considered older (or of...

Dr. Anna Glezer
June 23 2016

How To Calm Yourself Down In Just 120 Seconds

Meditation helps our thoughts settle and become clear, like the snow in a snow globe.

Lynne Goldberg
June 22 2016

The Anxiety-Busting Trick That Stopped My Panic Attacks

"I felt hopeless because I knew I was never going to get better if I was unable to let people understand me."

Haley Tiffany
June 21 2016

5 Ways To Never Have Another Bad Date

All your idiosyncrasies, eccentricities, and contradictions will be the thing that intoxicates the person intended to love you unconditionally. So if...

Daniel Dowling
June 11 2016

How To Sneak Mini Meditations Into Your Everyday Life

Even something as distracting as a cellphone buzz can be a reminder for mindfulness.

Lynne Goldberg
June 8 2016

How Reiki Can Help Ease Stress & Fatigue: A Practitioner Explains

I don't need to know "if reiki really works" to know that practicing it daily has taught me to effectively manage my time and energy.

Kait Fowlie
June 7 2016

A Mind-Body Exercise To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

​You've written the perfect script. You've found beautiful images and the most concise, powerful words. Remember, though, that you are your audience’s...

Kathleen Aharoni
June 6 2016

The "Someday" Experiences You Can Actually Have Right Now

Uncover slices of happiness every day by saying no to the things that don’t bring you joy and spending more time on the things that do.

Vishnu Subramaniam
June 6 2016

Meditation Will Refine Your BS-Meter + 4 Other Surprising Benefits

Most of the strongest benefits of meditation occur outside of your practice, in other parts of your life. Here's how it can make you a calmer,...

Light Watkins
June 3 2016

Mindfulness Tools To Use The Next Time You're Totally Stressed Out

If we have a few tools in our back pockets when stressful events arise, we're more likely to successfully overcome them.

Dr. Francesca Vazquez
June 2 2016

How To Use Tapping To Solve Any Emotional Or Physical Issue

Try this quick technique next time you need to deal with anxiety, nerves, stress, or even just some post-workout muscle soreness.

Bridgette Miller
June 1 2016

The Simple Fitness Tweak That Made Me A Healthier And Happier CEO

A few weeks after implementing this hack, I noticed that my workout became something to look forward to rather than a chore to power through—and I was...

Mahesh Rajagopalan
May 31 2016

How Meditation Will Transform The Way You Manage Your Time

Yes, I know that “not enough time” has become one of most repeated mantras in the XXI Century. But doesn’t it sound like an excuse?

Kathleen Zajac
May 30 2016