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Why Orgasm Is The Most Potent Form Of Meditation + How To Experience Its Transcendent Potential

"Voltaire once said that it is the duty of all rational creatures to seek pleasure."

Wendy Strgar
February 2 2017

In Defense Of Tears: The Science & Spirituality Behind A Good Cry

Having a big ol' mascara-running, gulping-like-a-fish ugly cry is actually really good for you.

Jude Temple, R.N.
January 22 2017

The 4 Spiritual Teachers Who Have Totally Revolutionized My Life

Whether you're doing the dishes or riding on the train, listening to their words or reading their texts can put you in positive mind space within...

Rishma Petraglia
January 22 2017

How Experiencing An Indian Cremation Ceremony Changed My Life Forever

"Bells chime, people chant, prayers broadcasted over a loudspeaker vibrate in my bones. It's dusk. The air is thick; the sun is setting. Pinks, blues,...

Andrea Bogart
January 15 2017

The Qualities You'll Find In The Best Yoga Teacher Of Your Life

Consider this your litmus test for spiritual gurus.

Banyan Gallagher
January 14 2017

The Quick Mantra + Breathwork Practice That Your Gut Will Love

Jill Willard has known that she possessed an otherworldly gift since she was a little girl. Here, she shares her breathwork practice and mantra to...

January 13 2017

How To Harness The Transformative Power Of 2017: A Psychic Explains

Earthly existence is a lot like farming: The seeds you begin to sow this January will be the harvest you reap in January 2018.

Tanya Carroll Richardson
January 11 2017

Wear Them, Display Them, Hold Them. How To Use Crystals Every Damn Day

I don' know about you, but carrying a 10-pound hunk of amethyst with me every day isn't exactly feasible.

Laura Ellis
January 7 2017

The Simple Shift That Will Make You Appreciate Every Day

If you want to transform your common days, try this simple shift, and appreciate a new sense of wonderment and excitement about life.

Patricia Thompson, PhD
January 7 2017

Spirit Almanac: Your Guide To Celebrating January's Mystical Holidays

Consider our spiritual almanac series your own personal guide to the divine.

Emma Loewe
January 1 2017

'It’s All About Perception' + 7 Other Lessons From My Month In An Ashram

Don’t hide from the darkest part of yourself. Choose to face it so that you can let it go.

Maria Stenvinkel
December 25 2016

The 6 Crystals You Need To Stay Sane Through Mercury Retrograde

Go into retrograde with these six crystals and a healthy dose of gratitude, and you will come out of it thankful for all you learned.

Heather Askinosie
December 19 2016

13 Ways To Honor Your Grief This Holiday Season

Grief and loss can be more painful during the holiday season than any other time of year. Here's how to lovingly manage your emotions.

Tanja Pajevic
December 18 2016