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18 Sacred Intentions To Set For A Better Life—Starting NOW

To start living a happier, more joyful, and serene life, choose a few of these intentions and embrace them. Now is the only time we've got.

Vishnu Subramaniam
December 28 2015

The Habits That Are Destroying Your Productivity + What To Do Instead

We are all creatures of habit. Once we get used to doing something a certain way or using a particular product, it can be very difficult to change....

Paula Rizzo
December 20 2015

10 Tips To Actually Achieve Your Dreams Next Year

It's almost the new year, and we’re all looking to work on ourselves somehow. Whether it’s by kicking a bad habit or dedicating ourselves to a new...

Pedram Shojai
December 13 2015

11 Things You Think Are Improving Your Life (But Are Actually F*cking It Up)

Each year, as we continue to live larger lives with more distractions, more work, more technology, more stuff — it gets easier and easier to forget...

Vishnu Subramaniam
December 11 2015

You've Been Thinking About Greatness Wrong. Here's What It ACTUALLY Means

When I was a kid, school was the worst. I had dyslexia, no friends, and did horribly on all my tests. At the start of eighth grade, I was reading at a...

Lewis Howes
December 7 2015

5 Ways To Simplify Your Life In 5 Minutes Or Less

We spend most of our time adding new stresses to our lives. Taking on more responsibility at work, visiting the in-laws, saying yes to every wedding...

Paula Rizzo
December 6 2015

The Only 3 Choices To Make When You Want To Be Happy

She looked at me and said, "It doesn't matter what I do; I can't change it." This wasn't the first time I'd heard words like this leave a friend's...

Cheryl Paige
December 4 2015

24 Stress-Busting Holiday Hacks To Help You Save Time & Stay Healthy

If you're like most of us, December is a month of rushing around to shop, bake, plan, and attend parties. We finish the year tired, annoyed, sluggish,...

Rebeca Plantier
December 3 2015

How To Find Purpose In Your Job (No Matter What You Do)

After three months of maternity leave, I had gone back to work, and things just didn’t feel right. I was in a major funk. I couldn’t put my finger on...

Cailen Ascher
November 17 2015

5 Powerful Affirmations To Start Your Week Right

Often, we keep our goals to ourselves, afraid that if we say them out loud we might jinx them or somehow keep ourselves from reaching them....

Paula Rizzo
November 16 2015

10 Activities To Make You Happier Today — That Don't Involve Spending Money

Five years ago, I embarked on my spending fast — a challenge to only spend money on necessities for an entire year.

Anna Newell Jones
November 15 2015

7 Habits Preventing You From Manifesting Happiness + How To Fix Them

In my experience, as well as what I've seen in my coaching practice, it's become clear to me that most people's lives are riddled with bad habits that...

Tyler C. Beaty
November 14 2015

10 Tiny Tweaks You Can Make NOW To Majorly Improve Your Life

Changing habits can feel daunting, but there are certain things you can change with very little effort that make a huge impact. I like to call these...

Dean Bokhari
November 6 2015

How To Reframe Your Fears & Move Forward With Competence, Confidence & Excitement

Any major change can be scary. Changing jobs, changing locations, changing your relationship status — the implications can be massive and you can't...

Alison Elissa Cardy
October 24 2015

This Habit May Separate Happy & Unhappy People

Take a minute to consider these four scenarios. Which do you think would make you happiest?

Carol Preibis
October 23 2015

8 Morning Rituals To Have A Great Day, Every Day

Having a go-to morning routine will transform you into an action-orientated individual who is driven, dedicated, passionate, and energized for the...

Dan Harrison
October 7 2015

Stuck In A Rut? These 5 Books Are Just The Inspiration You Need

Crisp fall air, hot cocoa, chunky sweaters, and good reads: Fall is my favorite season for all those reasons. But I most look forward to the influx of...

Shannon Kaiser
September 26 2015

Elizabeth Gilbert Is Back: 8 Amazing Lessons From Her New Book

Elizabeth Gilbert is cast as an infallible, Oprah-like character as often as a snake oil saleswoman peddling enlightenment. Even after I read Eat,...

Allison Daniels
September 22 2015

5 Times You Deserve To Say No

We’re all susceptible to the “do more and be more” message. We feel guilty when we take a day off. My New Year’s resolution this year was to say no...

Courtney Sunday
September 22 2015