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What Workout is Victoria Beckham Hooked On?

Victoria Beckham is "hooked" on a new workout -- more specifically a workout DVD that we've written about and a person we've interviewed. Give up?

April 6 2010

What's Julianne Moore's Workout & Stress Secret?

At age 49, actress Julianne Moore still looks amazing. Like many, the mother-of-two has trouble finding time in the day for herself, let alone...

March 30 2010

How Did Brooke Burke Prepare for Dancing With the Stars?

Brooke Burke is the new co-host of Dancing With the Stars -- what type of workout did Brooke do to prepare for her hosting gig?

March 26 2010

Chelsea Handler Dishes on Diet and Pilates (Video)

Chelsea Handler in a bikini on the cover of Shape

March 23 2010

Vanessa Williams: Diet & Fitness Secrets & Dealing with Stress!

Vanessa Williams, 47, looks better than ever. Find out about her body "troublespots", her workout and beauty secrets, and how she deals with stress as...

March 11 2010

NBA Star Emeka Okafor's Recipe for Longevity: Yoga & Pilates

Pro basketball player Emeka Okafor of the New Orleans Hornets wants to have a long career. How does he plan on doing so? Yoga and Pilates.

March 8 2010

Elle MacPherson: On Wellness, Beauty, and Pilates

At age 46, the mother-of-two and former supermodel still looks stunning. Elle shared some of her diet and fitness tips -- and thoughts on wellness and...

Jason Wachob
February 17 2010

How Does Kelly Osbourne Look So Amazing?

Kelly Osbourne looked so incredible as she attended New York Fashion Week. How did she pull off this transformational change the healthy way? Kelly...

February 15 2010

How Does Liv Tyler Keep Fit?

How does Liv Tyler keep fit? It's a surprising combination of different exercises.

February 4 2010

Cindy Crawford Looks Amazing at 43: How Does She Do It?

At age 43, Cindy Crawford looks better than ever on the March Cover of Harper's Bazaar in the UK. How does the mother of two look so good?

February 3 2010

Want Kate Winslet's Body? One Word: Pilates

Kate Winslet, at age 34, looks stunning. How does she do it? What's her diet and fitness routine? One word: Pilates. According to Times Online in the...

January 4 2010

Kristin McGee on Yoga vs. Pilates

The star of MTV's Yoga & Pilates DVD series, Kristin McGee has choreographed countless DVDs, including her two newest, Weight Loss Pilates and...

Kristin McGee
October 26 2009

Kristin McGee's 8 Beginners Pilates Moves

The star of MTV's Yoga & Pilates DVD series, Kristin McGee has choreographed countless DVDs, including her two newest, Weight Loss Pilates and...

Kristin McGee
October 20 2009

Q & A with Kristin McGee: Yoga & Pilates Trainer to the Stars

When Kristin moved to New York City from Pocatello, Idaho, in 1994 to pursue a career in acting, she never imagined she'd end up a fitness celebrity.

Kristin McGee
October 6 2009

Pilates for Beginners

Doesn't everyone want to have better posture, flexibility, and alignment? How about a slimmer waist, defined abs, and improved circulation? Sign me...

September 29 2009

Benefits of Pilates

It's no secret that Pilates studios are popping up all over the country as Pilates continues to gain in popularity. The San Francisco 49ers, Jennifer...

September 29 2009

6 Pilates Principles for Beginners

Familiarizing yourself with the Pilates Principles will make you more prepared for your first Pilates class.

September 29 2009

Yoga vs. Pilates

Yoga vs. Pilates - what are the similarities and differences and is yoga or pilates the right one for you?

September 1 2009