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I Got A $1,000 'Smart' Bassinet To Help My Baby Sleep. Here's What Happened

Whoever said you can't buy happiness never tried lulling their baby to sleep in a smart bassinet.

Colleen Wachob
May 4 2017

Is Social Media Making You A Bad Parent?

It's not unsolicited advice, just some pop culture served up with a dash of truth.

Phyllis Timoll
February 22 2017

How To Discipline Kids Without Ruining Their Childhood

Spanking? Time out? A discussion?

Phyllis Timoll
February 16 2017

How Cool Moms Find Work-Life Balance

One word: boundaries.

Susan Verde
February 13 2017

Don't Be THAT Parent. Here's Why It's A Really Good Thing When Your Kid Loses

There's no true growth in winning all the time.

Sam Weinman
December 29 2016

The Mantra That Made My Toughest Parenting Moments Easier

We've all been there.

Sarah de Poray
December 26 2016

7 Fun Ways To Teach Kindness To Kids

It's cool to be kind.

Kaia Roman
December 23 2016

I Was Ambivalent About Kids, And Then I Got Pregnant. Here's My Advice

You don't have to be jumping for joy about motherhood, and you're not alone.

Jessie Harrold
December 19 2016

3 Surprising Joys Of Being A Single Parent

It's not by choice, but now I wouldn't change it for the world.

Alice Chan
December 15 2016

8 Ways To Raise Daughters Who Love Their Bodies, No Matter What

"How do we teach our children to resist the toxic message of our culture, which measures the success of women on how well we fit its mercurial...

Gracie X
November 21 2016

These 7 Everyday Moments Are Packed With Lessons On Mindfulness

Babies have a whole new world in front of them to explore, and they do so in their own messy, silly, amazing ways. As a parent, you're lucky enough to...

November 2 2016

What Every Parent Should Tell Their Kids About Sex

"Know that no one has the right to violate your boundaries—ever."

Mike Domitrz
October 25 2016

5 Ways To Keep Your Whole Family Healthy This Fall

Bonus: these tricks are adult and kid-friendly, too.

Dr. Mary Bove
October 7 2016

What I Tell People Who Question Why I "Still" Breastfeed My Toddler

Whether you're a new mom or know one, these four Q&As will help you understand the conversation around breastfeeding.

Britt Grujic
October 6 2016

What I Tell My Patients Who Want Their Kids To Eat Healthier

Five strategies that'll help you raise kids who love healthy foods.

Mark Hyman, M.D.
September 12 2016