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Single by Choice: It's a Real, Powerful Thing

Ever since I declared an official break from dating, it seems almost anywhere I go, people are telling me, "Your man is just around the...

Shannon Kaiser
September 21 2012

From Anger to Love: A True Story

Sometimes the universe makes my jaw drop. Wanna hear a story? This is true—every bit of it.

Lindsey Lewis
August 24 2012

The Power of Vision Boards

A vision board is a simple yet powerful visualization tool that manifests your dreams into reality by activating the Law of Attraction ... And it...

Jessica Sepel
August 16 2012

10 Life Changing Tips Inspired By Oprah

Here are ten life changing tips inspired by quotes from Oprah Winfrey: 1. Be grateful " Breathe. Let go.

Robert Piper
August 8 2012

15 Confidence-Boosting Quotes!

It’s no secret that there is a serious lack of self-confidence all around us. Blame it on the media, high divorce rates, unloving homes or excessive...

Mandy Burstein
June 15 2012

7 Reasons Why Being Selfish Is Good for the World

Yes, it's true -- sometimes it's better if you put 'you' first. Here's why: TRUISMS AREN’T ALWAYS TRUE How about these ones? “Pain is gain.”...

Lindsey Lewis
May 14 2012

The 3 Fears

Tony Robbins mentioned on Oprah’s Lifeclass this past Monday night that fear is inescapable. It’s a feeling tone that will always exist, and how we...

Luke Eriksen
April 6 2012

Jon Bon Jovi: Keep Climbing

"Any time that you think you've hit the top of the mountain, the truth of the matter is you've just reached another mountain. And it's there to...

April 2 2012

Oprah: Breathe. Let Go.

"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure." -- Oprah Winfrey Photo credit:...

February 8 2012

Oprah: Meditation Makes Me 1000% Better

"That way [through meditation ] of being still within ourselves, finding a center and recognizing that something is more important than you, that...

December 11 2011

Oprah: Follow Your Passion

"You've got to follow your passion. You've got to figure out what it is you love -- who you really are. And have the courage to do that.

Jason Wachob
November 30 2011

4 Fool-Proof Ways to Create a Vision Board

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have heard SOMEONE mention the term vision board. Everyone from Oprah to Elizabeth Gilbert...

Nitika Chopra
November 10 2011

Oprah Meditates with 400 Women in Iowa

We love surprises -- especially when they involve things like Oprah Winfrey and meditation. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Oprah made a surprise...

October 24 2011

Vegan Chef Tal Ronnen: 'Be a Vegan Who Eats Bacon'

Celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen has cooked for Portia DeRossi, Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. And he says if you think that you can't become a vegan if...

June 26 2011

Oprah: The Power of Gratitude

"What you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money...

Jason Wachob
March 24 2011

Oprah Tours Slaughterhouse

On Tuesday's Oprah show, "The Vegan Challenge" , Oprah and 378 of her staffers went on a plant-based diet for one week. Kathy Freston and...

February 4 2011

Oprah & Staffers Going Plant-Based

Tomorrow on Oprah , the show will air "The Vegan Challenge ", in which Oprah and 378 of her staffers will be going plant-based for one week....

January 31 2011

You're More Creative Than You Think You Are

"Even the dream of making a living at your creative work, or simply reaching a professional level -- what those in the field call Pro- C (and the...

Colleen Wachob
January 24 2011