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How I Came to Teach 25 Yoga Privates a Week

I was 22-years-old. I had just moved to New York City to be a dancer and had finished a 200-hour teaching training program at the wonderful OM Yoga...

Francesca Cervero
September 26 2012

Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin (Infographic)

The city you live in might in might determine how healthy your skin is. Check out this list of the best and worst cities for your skin from Daily...

July 9 2012

Bikram Yoga's Other Half: Conversation with Rajashree Choudhury

Just as the Moon is to the Sun, Yin is to Yang, so is Rajashree to Bikram – a balance in harmony.

Marina Chetner
June 19 2012

How This Party Girl Met Yoga

It was 1977 when it all stated for me. Donna Summer and the Bee Gees ruled the airways. It was all things disco, which kept my feet happy and threw an...

Dana Flynn
June 14 2012

5 Reasons to Eat Local, Organic & Seasonal

I recently had the pleasure of dining at two farm-to-table restaurants that focus on local, organic and sustainable food. Although I highly recommend...

Abby Phon
June 4 2012

NYC's Mayor Bloomberg to Ban Big Sugary Drinks

Did you know that more than half of adults living in New York City are obese?! Mayor Bloomberg is taking action, as he plans to ban the sale of large...

Jason Wachob
May 31 2012

Yoga on the Streets of Dumbo, Brooklyn

I absolutely love Brooklyn -- especially the neighborhood of Dumbo. I live here, work here, and even got married here. I also love art and yoga. So...

Jason Wachob
May 23 2012

What You Need to Know About Colonic Therapy

Colonic therapy was foreign to me until I interviewed colonic hygienist Gil Jacobs. I have never been a cleanser or a juicer and although I have many...

Julie Wilcox
May 19 2012

5 Sanity Spots in NYC (Besides Yoga Studios)

You know the drill. Get off the Greyhound, Amtrak, Virgin America flight and touch the electric streets with one or both feet, get moving. Get...

Sarah Herrington
May 10 2012

How to Eat All the Junk Food You Want!

Let’s face it, most of us crave junk food at some time or another. I LOVE treats. I make no apologies or secrets about it! I also believe life is...

Abby Phon
April 25 2012

Getting Hot for Spring

Spring is almost upon us. Time to put away all those heavy dark clothes you've been hiding under and show the world what you are made of. Are you...

Timothi Jane Graham
March 5 2012

8 Creative Ways to Share Yoga with Children

As a kid's yoga teacher, I get the chance to explore artistic, creative ways of sharing the practice and its benefits everyday. What’s more, working...

Alexandra Moga
March 5 2012

5 Reasons You Should Join a CSA Today

On Facebook recently, someone commented on a friend's status post and asked what a CSA was. Although this was the first year I actually took part in...

Abby Phon
February 29 2012

Stay in Your Experience & Appreciate Each Moment

"Why would you ever choose to be in that space?" a friend asked me after I had described to him that I practice yoga in a heated studio, reaching...

January 31 2012

Handstands Heal

When I was 18, I was in a serious car accident that let to what I was told would be "permanent damage" to my neck and cervical spine. My doctors at...

Heidi Kristoffer
January 30 2012

10 Healthiest Cities for Men & Women

Men's and Women's Heatlth magazines are out with their annual "healthiest cities" list for both men and women. Here are the 10 best and 10 worst.

January 12 2012

7 Awesome & Inspirational Works of Art

I love art, especially art that has an inspirational message. Here are seven of my favorites that will hopefully inspire you as well.

Jason Wachob
January 11 2012

Yoga Love Letter To New York

There are so many amazing places to do yoga.

December 13 2011

Feel-Good Story of the Year: Victim Treats Mugger Right

We're all familiar with the expression "kill 'em with kindness," but how many of us would go out of our way to be kind in situations where we're truly...

December 5 2011

I Love You, Don't Change

I recently attended a lecture in NYC given by Gabrielle Roth, a philosopher and movement meditation instructor, entitled Confessions of a Spiritual...

Linden Schaffer
November 30 2011