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Yes, Even The Sopranos Meditate!

You remember actor Michael Imperioli who played 'Christopher' on The Sopranos? Well, it turns out he's big into meditation.

October 15 2012

5 Tools to Revamp Your Meditation Practice

Has focusing on the breath or a mantra brought you to a plateau in your meditation practice? Maybe you even gave up completely from the frustration of...

Matt Cooke
September 28 2012

7 Tips to Make Peace with Your Body

Many of us struggle with body image issues. There may be many reasons behind this, but whatever they may be, this strife never contributes to our...

Rita Amaral
September 26 2012

Meditation Boosts Your Immune System

Have you ever been so busy that you ignore your body? Maybe work was busy, or you had a new baby, or a relationship was ending and you just forgot to...

Jennifer Frye
September 21 2012

Getting Beyond the Meditation Intimidation Factor in 5 Easy Steps

I practiced yoga – a lot of yoga – for five years before I could bring myself to meditate. Every time I tried to sit still on the floor I’d space out,...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
September 20 2012

Q & A with Perrey Reeves: On Yoga, Ayurveda & Living MindBodyGreen!

41-year-old actress, Perrey Reeves, is most well-known for her role as 'Mrs. Ari' on Entourage. But did you know that she's a yogi who has been eating...

Jason Wachob
September 18 2012

Rest: The Importance of Slowing Down

It seems we live in a society where we are expected to just go go go. Rest is considered indulgent, and most people I meet these days feel guilty at...

Jessica Sepel
September 18 2012

7 Ways to Balance in the Midst of Chaos

In our day-to-day lives, especially during times of change, it's amazing how easy it is to get caught up in the rat race or the minutia of life. Once...

Bianca Castelbuono
September 18 2012

10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Stress

We live in a fast-paced world. We can all benefit from incorporating stress reduction into our daily routine in order to nurture and encourage our...

Jennifer Johnson
September 14 2012

5 Reasons to Practice Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is the supreme method to awaken your awareness and take you into your infinite self. It is a natural...

Erin McGuire
September 13 2012

Just Breathe! 3 Steps to Beginning Meditation

Over the years I used a variety of reasons to explain why I didn’t practice seated meditation, including, “I can’t stop my mind from thinking,” “I’m...

Gigi Yogini
September 12 2012

How to De-Stress and Find Balance

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions the word balance? Did you attempt to balance on one foot? Perhaps you are still...

Katie Bressack
September 12 2012

7 Ways to Get Out of a Funky Mood

Everyone experiences a funky mood from time to time. You know, everything is blah – your typical cool as a cucumber disposition can’t believe that guy...

Shannon Williams
September 10 2012

10 Steps for Loving Your Age

This year I turned 45. After I picked myself up off the floor, I thought to myself, “Holy Cannoli! I’m gonna be 50 in five years!” Then, I went on an...

Dana Leipold
September 10 2012

5 Ways to Instantly Reduce Stress

Hey, it happens to all of us. Things in your week begin to pile up, then overflow into the next week. Work, exercise, kids, social time, more work......

Lindsey Barr
September 10 2012

6 Ways to Find Your Inner Calm

I used to spend countless hours, days and nights worrying. Insomnia was my companion for many, many years with various dialogues that sounded like, “I...

Andrea Lewis
September 8 2012

7 Laws to Live Your Yoga

World-renowned author, Deepak Chopra, proclaims that by following these seven laws, we can attain vitality, joy, and enthusiasm for life. These laws...

Lisa Mitchell
September 5 2012

Want to Meditate? It's Easier Than You Think

There’s something about meditation. The word itself is often imbued with a kind of mystical quality: “I spent two hours meditating yesterday. I felt...

Lacey Thacker
September 5 2012