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A Simple Mindfulness Exercise To Promote Kindness & Self-Compassion

As a doctor of preventive and lifestyle medicine, I know the importance of stress management. And a key element of managing stress and finding true...

What Winter Storm Jonas Can Teach Us All About Mindfulness: A Doctor Explains

Earlier this month, the East Coast was brought to a standstill by a snowstorm so large it’s clearly visible in photos taken from the International...

Dr. Kaylan Baban
February 5 2016

10 Ways Your Mind Can Help You Heal (According To Science)

While we can't wish ourselves better, scientific research is showing that we can harness the healing power of the mind to influence certain symptoms...

Jo Marchant
February 4 2016

The 5-Minute Practice That Totally Transformed My Workday

We talk a lot on mindbodygreen about the benefits of meditation: clearer thoughts, improved sleep, and increased focus. I meditate sporadically, but...

January 20 2016

How I Meditate: Biet Simkin Shares

Many of our readers want to meditate, but have a hard time fitting the practice into their days. Others are too intimidated to start. To make it a...

Biet Simkin
January 10 2016

Why I Recommend Making Sunday A Day Of Silence

Some people say that music is the silence between the notes. That's a far-reaching statement, and it's one we can use to hack into a deep and powerful...

Pedram Shojai
January 10 2016

3-Minute Mindful Practice To Start Your Day

Use this three-minute meditation to set a positive intention for your day, and even for the rest of the year if you're game! It will provide focus,...

Hillary Wright
January 1 2016

The Easiest Way To De-stress & Calm Anxiety In 5 Minutes: A Doctor Explains

Breathing is, fortunately, usually second nature. However, when we get flustered, our breath becomes short and shallow — and stress has nowhere to go...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
December 27 2015

Can't Meditate? Try These 5 Mindful Practices Instead

Can’t keep still long enough to take meditation seriously? You don’t have to sit in silence to find inner peace.

Penny Shipway
December 25 2015

Here Are The 10 Types Of Meditators: Which One Are You?

As a meditation teacher, I’ve often marveled at how varied people’s meditation experiences are. For instance, there is the “The Strategic Meditator.”...

Light Watkins
December 23 2015

9 Common Questions About Meditation That Will Lead You Astray

Now that meditation has escaped from hippie communes and infiltrated the highest levels of government (Rep. Tim Ryan), finance (Ray Dalio), business...

Light Watkins
November 5 2015

How A Smartphone Can Make You More Mindful (Seriously!)

We all have intentions to be mindful throughout the day, but then life happens and we get distracted and can easily lose our momentum. Emergencies pop...

Ali Katz
October 14 2015

A Super Simple Morning Ritual For A Happy, Productive Day

My morning ritual is the most important part of my day. It's an incredibly powerful tool to help me bust through the challenges that sometimes get...

Cassandra Bodzak
September 10 2015

3 Reasons To Meditate RIGHT After You Have Coffee

I’ve managed to stick with my meditation practice consistently for the past three years, and the benefits have been enormous. The calming effects have...

Nathan Wiebe
September 7 2015

The 5 Most Common Meditation Myths, Debunked (Video)

There was a time, maybe 20 years ago, when you could only purchase a yoga mat at a yoga studio. Nowadays, you can buy one at any Kmart, which is a...

Light Watkins
July 5 2015

4 Feel-Good Mantras To Help You Lose Weight

Do you hate trying to lose weight? Do you ever feel overwhelmed or depressed that it’s always going to be a struggle?

Is Meditation Making You Crazy? 3 Tips To Help You Be More Mindful

I am going to be straight up honest: I hated meditating — for years — and thought it was a total waste of my time.

Lauren Imparato
June 9 2015

4 Ways Meditation Can Take Your Sex Life To The Next Level

Life is indeed like a box of chocolates. But here's the question: are you fully appreciating what's inside the box?

Andra Henderson
May 24 2015

5 Mini Meditations You Can Do In 1 Minute

As a meditation teacher, I've heard every excuse under the sun as to why people can’t meditate. “I don’t have time!” or, “I just can’t sit still,” to...

Ali Katz
April 29 2015