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How To Supercharge Your Performance In Stressful Situations

Combine these three techniques for a power boost.

Emily Fletcher
April 30 2016

Why I Haven't Gotten Sick In 8 Years: A Meditation Teacher's Secrets

These natural immunity boosters to stop illnesses in their tracks.

Emily Fletcher
April 29 2016

3 Anywhere, Anytime Techniques For Cultivating Happiness

Find peace and happiness anytime, anywhere.

Michelle Matthews
April 29 2016

The Mental Trick That'll Earn You A Raise

Negotiate a higher salary with grace and ease.

Emily Fletcher
April 28 2016

How Your Meditation Routine Is Altering Your DNA

The things that affect the expression of our genetics run the gamut from exposure to toxins to diet and exercise to—you guessed it—meditation.

Kaia Roman
April 28 2016

The Easy Way To Make Every Meal A 5-Star Experience in Mindfulness

Increase the pleasure you get from eating—while also tuning into your body.

Emily Fletcher
April 27 2016

A Foolproof 3-Step Plan For Healing A Broken Heart, Fast

When we allow ourselves to feel the discomfort, we heal faster and more elegantly.

Emily Fletcher
April 26 2016

How I Meditate: Julia Samton, Neurologist & Meditation Teacher

Get inspired to start a meditation practice today.

Dr. Julia Samton
April 24 2016

Move Beyond Perfectionism With This Simple Shift

Hint: It's all about letting go.

Emily Fletcher
April 23 2016

The Unexpected Secret To Deeper Relationships

The practice is the antidote to loneliness. Here's why.

James Brown
April 21 2016

A Morning Meditation To Start Every Day With Intention

An incredibly simple meditation you can do any time, anywhere.

Charlie Knoles
April 18 2016

How I Meditate: Michael Trainer, Founder Of Peak Mind

Many of our readers want to meditate but don’t have the time or aren’t sure how to start. So we’ve reached out to mindful experts for their best...

Michael Trainer
April 17 2016

A Simple Trick That Makes Meditation Much, Much Easier

You won't believe what a difference this little tweak makes.

James Brown
April 13 2016

A 7-Day Mind, Body & Spirit Reset Plan For Your Best Spring Ever

Busyness can be beautiful if it’s ambitious, intentional, and purposeful. But even when we’re “beautifully busy,” we can get caught up and lose our...

Dr. Danielle Dowling
April 11 2016

My Meditation Practice: Yogi Francesca Bove

Her tip for starting a practice of your own: Just do it.

Francesca Bove
April 10 2016

3 Inner Workouts For Total Body Balance

To ditch judgment and balance your inner and outer lives using kindness and self-compassion, just follow these three easy steps.

Kathryn Remati
April 9 2016

The Awesome Activity That Counts As Your Daily Meditation

Today is Slow Art Day, a worldwide event encouraging us to slow down and engage in thoughtful and deep exploration of all kinds of artwork.

Rubin Museum Of Art
April 9 2016

The One Habit That'll Make You A Much Better Parent

Every minute of the day counts when you’re juggling soccer practice, gymnastics, tutoring, piano lessons, work, real estate, finances, and vacation...

Hunter Cressman
April 6 2016