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Try This Quick Kundalini Yoga Sequence From A West Coast Guru

I'm in love with this Kundalini yoga kriya series — movements that promote real change within. In just five to 10 minutes you can expect a major dose...

Guru Jagat
December 7 2014

Love Yoga? 5 Reasons You Should Do Teacher Training

I got certified as a Level 1 Kundalini yoga teacher over ten years ago and can clearly remember the promise I once made:

​Sara Campbell
September 14 2014

3 Steps To Start A Powerful Personal Transformation

Never has the possibility of personal transformation been so rapid, urgent and accessible. Our world is now inundated with modern day truth-seekers,...

Tejal Patel
May 27 2014

5 Activities That Will Help You Cleanse

For me, spring is all about healing and rejuvenation. It's about revisiting and reviving those 2014 goals and intentions I set way back in January....

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.
April 21 2014

How To Work Miracles Into Everyday Life

As a spiritual student, I believe that we sign an invisible oath to be a teacher in some way. As we expand our inner awareness and bear witness to our...

Gabrielle Bernstein
April 10 2014

Change Your Life in 60 Seconds With This Breathing Exercise

Ever feel blocked? When we get hooked into our to-do lists and daily duties, we lose track of life flow. A big block is fear. Whenever fear arises, we...

Gabrielle Bernstein
March 7 2014

How Kundalini Yoga Can Awaken Your Intuition

I've been on the path of healing for the last several years, and one of the things that has accelerated the process and helped build my life condition...

Shiva Rose
August 5 2013

Russell Brand Doing Yoga Teacher Training

We knew that Russell Brand was a dedicated yogi and meditator (he's said both practices helped him deal with his divorce).

December 4 2012

What I Learned from My Teacher Training Crisis

You know those situations that instinctively seem like a good idea, but once you experience them you’re really not sure why you ever thought of doing...

Alison Ottaway
November 5 2012