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7 Healing Elixirs For Balanced Hormones & Glowing Skin

This skin-brightening lavender tonic is what dreams are made of.

William Cole, D.C.
May 16 2017

5 Health-Editor Approved Ways To Make Your Workouts More Fun

Should you force yourself to go to the gym when you're tired, cranky, and overwhelmed?

Gretchen Lidicker
May 16 2017

The Secrets Of The Male Sex Drive (A Doctor Explains)

Remember that healthy people have a healthy sex drive.

Dr. Jeffrey Egler
April 29 2017

Exactly What You Need To Know About Healthy Living In Your 30s

A guide to nutrition, hormones, and supplements in your thirties.

Dr. Nisha Chellam
April 28 2017

The Key Ingredient For A Hormone-Balancing Salad

The one health myth everyone needs to rethink to find balance.

Amie Valpone
April 26 2017

The Perfect Kegel Exercise: A Step-By-Step Guide

Make sure you're getting the most out of your pelvic floor exercises.

Anna Cabeca, D.O.
April 24 2017

How Much Should You Exercise To Maintain Weight Loss?

There's more to it than calories in, calories out.

Sara Gottfried, M.D.
April 23 2017

4 Universal Truths About Hormone Health Everyone Should Know

Why men should take their hormone health seriously.

Dr. Jeffrey Egler
April 21 2017

Be More Productive This Month By Hacking Your Hormones. Here's How

Make them work for you, not against you.

Alisa Vitti
April 19 2017

This Might Be The Best Hormone-Balancing Dinner

Plus, it's ready in 15 minutes!

Alison Wu
April 15 2017

A Hormone-Balancing Action Plan For Better Sleep

Want to finally clock those eight uninterrupted hours we're all after? Focus on balancing these three hormones first.

April 13 2017