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10 Secrets To Reclaiming Your Power After A Soul-Crushing Breakup

"If he dumped you, he is not the prize. You are. Hold your head high. And always know that you’re a rose in a sea of thorns."

Monica Parikh
May 4 2017

Is The Future Of Fitness Looking Lazy?

Should you work out or chill out?

Elizabeth Inglese
May 4 2017

This Is The Natural Routine That Gets Me Through Chemo

Up against cancer? These holistic remedies can keep you strong through chemo.

Jeanette Acosta
May 2 2017

I Treated My Favorite High School Teacher For Brain Cancer & It Changed My Perspective On Healing Forever

"When you're young, a teacher is like G-d: wise, powerful, all-knowing. Mr. Thompson was one of those teachers."

Sandra Block
May 1 2017

I Spent 6 Years In Poverty-Stricken Zambia: Here's Why It's The Best (And Worst) Thing That Ever Happened To Me

"She arrived in Zambia a newlywed and left six years later a mother of two children. After all those years, she is mostly sand and grit."

Jill Kandel
April 26 2017

Why "It Runs In My Family" Means Less Than You Think

If you think "it runs in your family," you may be surprised just how much of your health is in your control.

Brooke Scheller
April 18 2017

The One Thing That Lifted Oprah When She Was At An All-Time Low

Here's how Oprah overcame self doubt and abuse to become one of the world's most successful people.

Elizabeth Inglese
April 15 2017

Feeling Anxious? Here's Exactly How To Treat Insomnia Naturally

Insomnia? These natural remedies will have you snoozing in no time.

Cheryl Myers, RN
April 13 2017

The Scientific Reason You Feel Out of Control Around Food (And How To Take Back Your Power)

Heal your relationship with food by following these three simple steps.

Holly Lowery
April 11 2017

Are Your Finances (Hi, Taxes) Making You Bloated? Here's How To Heal & Deal

Taxes got you anxious? We've got just the thing.

Leanne Jacobs
April 10 2017

How Learning To Be Vulnerable Healed My Trauma

I learned I could be a strong Latina who is in touch with her emotions.

Jackie Guevara
April 9 2017

These Are The Most Powerful Lessons I Learned From The Death Of My Mother

It's now been an unbelievable six years since I lost my mom—the rock of my life, my best friend. Losing her was the hardest thing I have ever...

Melanie Swan
April 5 2017

This Harsh Truth About Cervical Cancer Is Something All Women Should Know

Here's what you can do to protect yourself from a devastating diagnosis.

Jeanette Acosta
April 4 2017

The Counterintuitive Realization That Finally Freed Me To Give Zero F*cks + Speak My Truth

"I was awakened by a familiar breathless urgency. Scenes of my father swirled in and out of clarity in that half-awake state, heating my chest,...

Vanya Erickson
April 3 2017

How I Learned To Forgive My Mother + Broke A Cycle Of Generations Of Abuse

"I preached the importance of the power of forgiveness and yet I held onto so much anger myself. I wore it like a badge of honor."

Allison Lurey
April 1 2017

5 Things Your Tongue Can Tell You

Open wide, it's time to get weird!

Mona Dan
March 31 2017

6 Things This Neurologist Did To Heal Herself After Brain Surgery

"But most of all, I gave myself a break and allowed myself time."

Ilene Ruhoy, M.D., Ph.D.
March 30 2017