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5 Frequently Overlooked & Untreated Causes Of Migraines

Lindsay was 23 years old, fresh out of college and working at her dream job in Washington, D.C., as a congressional aid. Working in Congress, 10-hour...

Gary Kaplan, M.D.
July 24 2014

How To Relieve Headaches Naturally

If you're plagued by headaches, it's well worth the energy to play detective and see if you can support your body’s natural systems to alleviate the...

Sue-Anne Hickey
June 16 2014

How I Learned That Compassion For Your Kid Can Be Hard Work

My daughter gets headaches. Not the take two aspirin and wake me in the morning kind. But the kind that brought her to her knees, crazed like a caged...

Carrie Dinow
May 15 2014

Watermelon-Cucumber Hangover Cure

I haven’t been on a bender since well before I had kids. But sometimes I’ll get “overserved” at an event, or a new cocktail might leave me a bit more...

Frances Largeman-Roth
May 11 2014

How To Get Rid Of Your Headaches Forever

Almost everyone has had a headache at some point, but more and more in my practice I see people for whom a headache has become a regular,...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
April 8 2014

Why I Stopped Taking The Pill & Started Listening To My Body

I've been on the pill on and off for 10 years. Or, to put it a different way: for over 10,000 hours. Theoretically, if you believe in Malcolm...

Aesha Karunakaran
March 22 2014

The Green Juice That Saved Me From Migraines (Recipe)

I’ve received an overwhelming response to my previous MindBodyGreen articles The Day I Ditched Pills for Green Juice and How Juicing Changed My Life....

Quentin Vennie
June 6 2013

10 Things Everybody Should Know About Migraines

Not only is migraine more than "just a headache," but the condition is also more than just the attacks. Consequently, migraine therapy must be more...

Martin Brink, M.S.
April 19 2013

Essential Oils: A Holistic Way To Send Headaches On Their Way

Over the past few weeks, I'd been getting headaches almost every day. I'm not a person who normally get headaches, so I knew something was going on...

Hayley Hobson
March 12 2013

5 Virtually Effortless Ways To Prioritize The Women In Your Life

A few days ago, I woke up with a stifling headache. I never get headaches.

Hayley Hobson
February 19 2013

4 Yoga Poses to Alleviate Stress, Headaches, Insomnia, and Overindulgence

This holiday season, take time each day to assess how you feel and then make a point of spending at least five minutes on the mat to calm and heal.

Gabrielle Harris
December 28 2012

What You Need to Know About Yogurt

Flip through health magazines and many wellness blogs and you'll be advised to eat yogurt. It's often touted as one of the top food for women.

Dana James, M.S., CNS, CDN
October 24 2012

How to Stay Balanced as the Seasons Change

Many of my acupuncture clients are feeling the transition from late summer to fall right now.

Kate Sciolino, LAc
October 11 2012

4 Essential Steps for a Great Cleanse

After leading cleanses for almost four years, I’ve learned that there are essential steps you can take to make your cleanse a rewarding experience....

Kate Lumsden
October 10 2012

5 Ways to Relieve Tight Shoulder & Neck Muscles

Our shoulders often bear the weight of the world—our own little world, at least. Shoulder and neck muscles are often the first casualties of stress...

Jennifer White
April 16 2012

3 Natural Remedies for Headaches

If you're not necessarily a fan of OTC medication or aspirin, try on these three natural remedies for a headache:

September 1 2009