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Each Of These Organic, Eco-Friendly Beauty Products Has A Spiritual Twist

There is a product sure to vibe with every type of skin. Outbreaks approved, no animal testing (unless you consider my spirit animal one), natural,...

Emma Mildon
November 5 2016

How To Feng Shui Your Makeup Bag & Get Radiant

Here's how to feng shui your makeup bag full of abundant and radiant energy.

Anjie Cho
November 3 2016

Channel Your Inner Alchemist: Non-Beauty Products To Keep Hair & Skin Soft

If you're looking for natural alternatives to store-bought beauty products, you're in luck. All it takes is a few simple ingredients. The best part?...

Lindsay Cohn
November 1 2016

Cacao, Blueberries & All The Other Foods To Eat When You're Stressed Out (Bonus: Glowing Skin)

When it comes to healthy-looking skin, what you put in your body matters! Commit to these 10 foods for vibrant and glowing skin.

Eve Kalinik
October 29 2016

The Best DIY Sugar Scrubs To Prep Your Skin For Winter

From pumpkin pie body scrub to peppermint foot scrub, there are some lovely recipe options that will leave your skin looking and feeling silky...

Lindsay Cohn
October 20 2016

Why Gemstone Massages Are The Next Big Thing In Self-Care

There's a crystal and energy essence for beauty-shifting energy elixirs that work double-duty on your skin.

Heather Askinosie
October 18 2016

These Are The 5 Best Pharmacies In New York For Rare Natural Products

These neighborhood pharmacies will actually know your name—not to mention your maladies—and can recommend something to help with your health concerns.

Lindsay Cohn
October 17 2016

5 Ayurvedic Secrets For Healthy, Shiny Hair

Our top 5 Ayurvedic tips for lustrous, shiny, and strong hair.

Shrankhla Holecek, MBA
October 13 2016

This Jade Crystal Massage Will De-Puff Your Whole Face

It takes only a few minutes, it improves your skin function, and it helps your products work.

Britta Plug
October 11 2016

8 DIY Recipes To Turn Your Bathroom Into An At-Home Spa

Make your bathroom into a beauty retreat with 8 simple recipes for healing and rejuvenating.

Hannah George
October 9 2016

5 Surprising Ways To Use Coffee In Your Beauty Routine

Coffee has been hiding all this time on top of being our favorite morning wake-up call. Here, we’ve rounded up five ways to incorporate coffee into...

Lindsay Cohn
October 1 2016

Why Hungarian Thermal Water Is The Secret To Radiant, Glowing Skin

Hungary is home to 118 natural springs. These thermal and medicinal waters bubble up with more than 70 million liters of warm, healing water each day...

Lindsay Cohn
September 27 2016

3 Unusual Natural Perfume Ingredients You've Never Heard Of

Across the globe, the conversation about what goes into your favorite natural scents is becoming a passionate point of interest, with all-natural...

Maggie Mahboubian
September 26 2016

The 5 Most Important Beauty Swaps When You're Going Green

Here are some of our favorite green beauty staples that you can seamlessly swap in place of your not-so-natural formulas.

Lindsay Cohn
September 25 2016

The High-Tech Face Mists That Will Hit The Refresh Button On Your Skin

Whether you use them to stay hydrated on a long flight or to cool down, a face mist is beauty essential.

Jordan Garrett
September 25 2016

The Superfood Beauty Recipe Your Thyroid Will Love

Discover underrated superfoods you're more than likely missing out on to balance your thyroid, give you more energy, and make you glow.

Fern Olivia
September 23 2016

The Holistic Rituals This Natural Beauty Guru Swears By

Shiva Rose embodies the ideal of beautiful, healthy living. Find out how she uses Ayurvedic rituals and vibrant self-care to maintain her gorgeous...

September 20 2016

The Ultimate Holistic Gym Bag

We're breaking down the best beauty and style boosters for every kind of physical activity.

Lindsay Cohn
September 15 2016

The Magic Skin Care Formulas That Make Miracles Happen

Primers — aka radiance-boosting skin perfecters — give you a subtle, allover luster. Use a highlighter to brighten up inner corners of your eyes....

Lindsay Cohn
September 10 2016