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A Guided Visualization To Help You Manifest Your Ideal Future

We've all got dreams. But how do we actually make them real? This guided visualization is a great place to start.

Ashley Cebulka
August 4 2016

How Tonight's Leo New Moon Can Boost Your Confidence + Awaken Creative Genius Within

Here are a few star-powered tips for making the most of this year's Leo new moon:

The AstroTwins
August 2 2016

8 Strategies For Ditching Fear + Manifesting Your Greatest Desires

"Don't let a naysayer or jealous, cynical, or negative person squash your dream. Believe in you. Believe in your potential. Believe in your dream."

Alexandra Taketa
July 31 2016

5 Easy Ways To Inspire Creativity + Stop Burnout In Its Tracks

You'll be surprised how much joy and inspiration you'll find right in front of you—if you just slow down enough to see it.

Amanda Christina
July 28 2016

The Trick To Finding Your True Self That Blows Everything Else Out Of The Water

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life."...

July 28 2016

How Tantric Sex Helped Me Find My Life's True Purpose

"Tantra has changed my life. It's given me my life's purpose. It fills me with creative, spiritual, and sexual energy that makes me excited to wake up...

Psalm Isadora
July 22 2016

Why Tonight's Capricorn Full Moon Could Be The Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams

Are you ready to unlock your destiny and live to your fullest potential? Here are nine star-powered tips to help you activate 2016's ambitious...

The AstroTwins
July 19 2016

The Only Checklist You Need To Actually Get Sh*t Done

The three-item list that'll help you tackle any problem.

Paula Rizzo
July 18 2016

How to Bounce Back After A Major F*ck-Up: A Perfectionist's Guide

"One of the most common symptoms of perfectionism is using self-acceptance as an incentive. I've definitely been there—dangling my self-respect like a...

Vironika Tugaleva
July 13 2016

3 Myths Keeping You From Realizing Your Dreams

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most...

Keira McCredie
July 10 2016

How To Find The Right Life Coach (Even If You've Been Burned In The Past)

Trust enough in your dream to find a coach who will help you manifest it in a way that's authentic and aligned with who you are.

Priscilla Stephan
June 23 2016

The Crucial Element Of Living Your Purpose That Most People Forget

What dreams have you had to grieve to achieve even bigger, better goals?

Michelle McGlade
June 21 2016

5 Steps To Manifesting Your Business Dream, ASAP

A single idea has the power to change the world. Will yours?

Melinda Moore
June 12 2016

7 Practical Steps To Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Fake it until you make it! Our words and thoughts are composed of energy and therefore contain extremely potent power to alter our reality.

Jennifer Niles
May 26 2016

14 Keys To Happiness From The Most Inspiring Commencement Speeches Ever

The most inspirational quotes from celebrity commencement speeches.

Allison Daniels
May 24 2016

3 Risks You SHOULD Be Taking (But Probably Aren't)

In the long run, it’s so much more important for me to like who I am than to waste my time and energy trying to be someone else.

Ashley Looker
May 23 2016