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Rise 'N Shine Strawberry-Vanilla Muffins (They're Gluten-Free!)

Oh, how wonderful it would be if every morning started out with muffins this delicious and healthy! They're easy to make and an overnight family...

Jenny Yelle
May 19 2014

Why Everyone Should Get To Know Ghee

I love fat, and every two weeks or so I devote a little time to making my favorite type of it. For 15 minutes, I'm engrossed in the essential ritual...

Julia Clarke
January 8 2014

An Avocado Toast That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Many of you may already be familiar with the unmatched awesomeness of the recipe known as "avocado toast," but I’ve got another variation to add that...

Sherin Bual
October 9 2013

Why I'll Never Eat Margarine Or Buttery Spreads Again

I was led to believe by marketing campaigns, advertisements, and labels reading “healthy” that margarine is better for you – were you? When I first...

Beth Anderson
January 22 2013

Leaky Gut Syndrome and What You Can Do About It

Intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome, occurs when tiny gaps develop between the cells, known as enterocytes, that line your intestinal wall.

Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.
December 12 2012

What is Ghee and Why Should I Care?

Ghee is a form of butter that is an integral part of traditional Indian cuisine. It is clarified butter, which means that the water and milk solids...

Katherine Leonard, M.S.
October 17 2012