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I Went To Flower Essences Therapy. It Was As Bizarre (And Amazing) As It Sounds

As a Virgo to the core and utter pragmatist, the idea of using flowers as a cure for my emotional and psychological issues seemed, to put it bluntly,...

Allie White
December 4 2015

12 Flower Essences For The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac

Flower essences are natural elixirs that work on a subtle energy level to inspire emotional well-being. And while flower essences may not yet be as...

Stephanie Gailing
July 9 2015

Why Spring Breeds Allergies, And 7 Ways To Cope Naturally

Just when the weather finally warms up, you’re stuck inside nursing a runny nose and red, itchy eyes between bouts of constant sneezing. Sound...

April 14 2015

5 Holistic Ingredients To Look For When Relieving Spring Allergies

Now that spring is (finally!) in the air, we can look forward to blue skies, backyard BBQs, fresh blooms and, unfortunately, the sniffling, sneezing...

April 1 2015

Woman's Dead Husband Still Sends Her Flowers Every Valentine's Day

When Jim and Shelley Golay of Casper, Wyoming were married 28 years ago, their vows should have read: "Death won't even do us part."

Emi Boscamp
February 17 2015

Fall Gardening Basics: What You Need To Know About Cover Crops

Aside from your green thumb, the quality of your garden’s soil is one of the most important factors in the success of your plants. That's why, as we...

Melissa Lafontaine
September 3 2014

DIY: Make Your Own Tea With Summer Herbs

This fun tutorial will show you how to create your very own herbal tea blends right at home.

Amy Jirsa, LMT
August 12 2014

5 Best Floral Scents For The End Of Summer

Last year I traveled to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, which is a must-see destination for any R&R connoisseur. My favorite activity during my short...

Summer Rayne Oakes
August 12 2013

Top 10 Plants For An Indoor Vertical Garden

In my last post, I covered the principles of building a vertical garden — but no living wall is complete without some knowledge of the best plants for...

Summer Rayne Oakes
July 11 2013

How Flowers Can Enhance Your Wellness

Taking time to stop and smell the roses may do more than serve as a reminder to live in the moment. These blooming botanicals can enrich our wellness,...

Leila Milgrim
October 20 2012