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3 Easy Yoga Poses To Balance Out-Of-Whack Hormones

Certain postures can stimulate the hormone-producing glands and help the endocrine system maintain optimal function.

Julie Montagu
June 7 2016

The Simple Way To Boost Upper-Body Strength

Traditional push-ups, despite their effectiveness, aren’t what I’d call “engaging.” The down-up drudgery can be a downer!

Lara Hudson
June 6 2016

Yoga For Core Strength: The Perfect Pose To Target Your Obliques

These variations on side plank pose will strengthen the obliques—those often neglected (but still super important) muscles on either side of your...

Rina Jakubowicz
June 1 2016

A Yoga Flow To Awaken Your Sexual Potential

Pelvic-floor muscles play a huge role in sexual satisfaction and orgasm potential. If they are too tight, sex can be painful; if they are weak, the...

Karly Treacy
May 27 2016

Yoga For Your Core: Drills To Help You (Finally!) Do A Handstand

Handstands require serious balance and strength, both of which radiate from your center. But what if you can't do one? Not to worry: These drills will...

Rina Jakubowicz
May 25 2016

Easy Foam-Roller Stretches To Ease Neck And Shoulder Pain

Swimming is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for your body. It improves core strength and is one of the safest ways to maintain your...

Dan O'Grady
May 24 2016

3 Easy Exercises To Improve Your Posture (You Can Even Do Them At Work!)

You can balance out hours of computer work with these three simple moves designed to open the chest, strengthen the upper back, and release tension in...

Abby Suskin
May 23 2016

Yoga For Your Core: Poses For A Strong, Toned Back

Strengthening all 360 degrees of your middle is imperative for a healthy spine and body.

Rina Jakubowicz
May 17 2016

A Quick + Easy Yoga Sequence To Alleviate Headaches

Intense concentration and staring at a screen all day is the perfect recipe for eye strain and a pulsating skull. These five moves can help counteract...

Jennifer Niles
May 16 2016

The Core-Strengthening Moves That Will Make You A Better Athlete

These super-effective core exercises will improve your stability and form.

Abby Suskin
May 14 2016

Get Fit For Free With A Fun Playground Workout

The free fitness community November Project is known for many things: sweaty hugs, F-bombs, wooden oar-handles, crowd-surfing, PR pigs, costumes,...

Caleb Daniloff
May 13 2016

Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Instructor Shares A Flow To Detox + Inspire Happiness

It's the perfect quick pick-me-up to infuse your blood with oxygen, clear you of sadness and grief, and increase your lung capacity.

Mandy Ingber
May 10 2016

Get Strong Arms Fast With These 5 Equipment-Free Moves

These bodyweight moves will give you your strongest arms yet.

Krista Stryker
May 6 2016

5 Yoga Poses For Better Digestion

Solve all your stomach issues with this quick yoga flow.

Tara Lee
May 5 2016

A Yoga Sequence To Help You Release Emotions & Heal Old Wounds

These asanas are designed to put you on a fast track to peace.

Jennifer Niles
May 2 2016

A Simple Exercise To Fire Up Your Glutes, Fast

Feel the barre3 burn.

Sadie Lincoln
April 29 2016

An Inclined Abs Exercise For A Stronger Core

Take your time with this simple sequence for maximum results

Sadie Lincoln
April 29 2016

A Fun, 5-Minute Kettlebell Workout That'll Work Your Entire Body

This gym staple can get you centered and strong, fast.

Dasha Libin
April 29 2016

The Ab Exercises That Will Take Your Yoga Practice To The Next Level

Yes, you CAN transition without taking extra hops forward or landing with an echoing thud.

Elyse Sparkes
April 27 2016

The One Muscle Runners Should Train Every Day (And How To Do It!)

Prevent injury and run better with this one modifiable move.

Rachel Trotta
April 26 2016