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The Best Nontoxic Sunscreens For Fourth Of July Weekend

The 12 nontoxic, environmentally friendly sunscreens that work like a charm and won't leave you painted zinc white.

Victoria Lewis
July 1 2016

Are Shamans The New Therapists?

Take a little bit of psychotherapy, add a dash of spiritual meaning, and finish with a bit of physical relief.

The Crystal Healing Treatment Insiders Are Flocking To

Crystals are having a full-blown moment on the wellness scene, and Kalisa Augustine's quartz-filled Upper East Side studio is right in the middle of...

Ashley Elizabeth Fodor
June 28 2016

Why My Husband Took His Own Life — And How I Healed

"I didn’t even know how to approach healing, but I had to believe I was capable of it in order to carry on."

Penelope Draganic
June 15 2016