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It Took Two Breakdowns & 10 Years For Me To Beat Depression. Here's How I Did It

Prejudice literally means "to prejudge." And it’s a hard thing to admit, even in retrospect. But until I was diagnosed with clinical...

Rachel Kelly
December 7 2015

Are Video Games The Answer To Clinical Depression?

Play has long been considered one of the most compelling natural sources of confidence, energy, and optimism in both children and adults. Brian...

Allison Daniels
November 9 2015

5 Things Psychopaths Say To Make You Feel Crazy

When you hear the word "psychopath," you might think of Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy, but in fact, there's a good chance they'll seem exceptionally...

Jackson Mackenzie
October 31 2015

9 Food Choices That Will Boost Your Mood

It’s common when we feel sad or depressed to reach for comfort food — and by comfort food, I mean the fatty, sugary, and processed kind. We might not...

Jodie Taylor
October 28 2015

Thinking About Taking Antidepressants? Here Are 5 Things To Consider First

If I had a nickel for every time someone struggling with depression told me they don't "believe" in antidepressants... Even with all of the...

Alena Gerst
October 26 2015

Cara Delevingne Opens Up About Depression & Issues With Modeling Industry

23-year-old supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delevingne has never shied away from telling the public how she really feels — especially when it comes to...

October 14 2015

Hayden Panettiere Is Seeking Treatment For Postpartum Depression

10 months after giving birth to her first child, 26-year-old actress Hayden Panettiere is taking some time out of the limelight to seek treatment for...

Emi Boscamp
October 14 2015

9 Things I Wish I’d Known About Depression Before I Was Diagnosed

When I think back to my younger self, I wince at my ignorance about depression. Back then, I thought I didn't know anybody affected by it. Only later...

Rachel Kelly
October 6 2015

8 Causes Of Anxiety & Depression That We Often Overlook

If you’re one of the many Americans seeking relief from depression or anxiety, you’re no doubt aware just how elusive successful treatment can be. In...

Dr. Gary Kaplan
September 18 2015

20 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Grief

This story was first published on September 25, 2014. The toughest part about losing someone or something you love isn’t saying goodbye. It is trying...

Shannon Kaiser
September 11 2015

3 Major Causes Of Depression — And How To Heal Them Without Meds

Editor's note: This piece was written by Dr. Margaret Paul, a therapist with more than 40 years of experience. It's not a diagnostic tool but is...

Margaret Paul
September 4 2015

The Issue That Could Be At The Root Of Your Anxiety & Depression

Recently, I spoke with a new patient of mine who was struggling with debilitating anxiety, depression, brain fog and fatigue. She's in her mid-30s and...

William Cole, D.C.
August 27 2015

The Best People To Turn To When You're Feeling Down

Good news, world: depression is not contagious — but apparently happiness is. So, if you suffer from depression, surround yourself with happy people,...

Emi Boscamp
August 24 2015

A 5-Minute Exercise To Help Ease Depression

When depression hits, you may be able to hide it from people around you, but you can’t run away from the depression itself. It can zap any semblance...

Amy Clover
August 24 2015

9 Foods To Fight Inflammation + Boost Your Mood

Foods have a marked impact on our moods, but too many times when we’re struggling to get through the day, we reach for the very snacks that only bring...

Lori Shemek
July 16 2015

Got The Blues? Take A Walk In The Park Right Now

Many people go on walks to clear their heads, but apparently, walks are only effective when they're out in nature. Like, real, green nature — not the...

Emi Boscamp
June 30 2015

I Was Depressed & Barely Functional After Childbirth. How Yoga Helped Me Heal

Four years ago, I gave birth to a healthy baby girl after what can only be described as a textbook pregnancy and, on paper, a dream birth. My labor...

Kacey Crawford
June 23 2015

Why I Need Fitness To Fight Depression

For the first 20-something years of my life, I was told that my depression was a life sentence I'd have to suffer through. So I listened to my doctor...

Amy Clover
June 19 2015

How Remembering Happier Times May Actually Help Fight Depression

Apparently, happy memories are a lot stronger than sad feelings, according to a new study (in mice). Researchers from the RIKEN-MIT Center for Neural...

Emi Boscamp
June 18 2015

Can't Sit Still? 3 Styles Of Meditation To Help You Develop A Habit

It is said that the Buddha gave 84,000 different kinds of teachings to meet the needs of every kind of being. In the same spirit, an individually...

Pema Khandro
May 22 2015