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Quitting Antidepressants Is What It Took For Me To Be Happy

Feeling sad, out of sorts, anxious, or depressed at times is part of what it means to be human.

Kate Eckman
November 7 2016

How I Used Meditation To Beat Addiction & Heal My Anxiety

"My constant state of worry was taking a massive a toll on my hormones, my immune system, and my overall well-being."

Desiree Pais
October 18 2016

7 Foods Scientifically Proven To Make You Happier

Load up your grocery cart for good vibes.

Ron Reich
September 25 2016

3 Depression-Fighting Tools For Those Rock-Bottom Moments

"If you’ve ever felt so overwhelmed with depression that you didn’t think you could go on, please know that things can be different. A life of joy is...

Dr. Dain Heer
September 10 2016

The One Men's Health Issue We Don't Talk About Nearly Enough

"Fight through the pain" needs to be a phrase that we drop right now.

Emma Loewe
September 6 2016

Are You Experiencing Normal Pregnancy Symptons — Or Depression? A Psychologist Explains

Changes in appetite? Check. Changes in libido? Check. Changes in sleep? Check.

Dr. Alice Domar
August 30 2016

The Surprising Foods That Boost Your Mood

Keep those stress levels in check by filling your plate the smart way.

Lynda Griparic
August 10 2016

5 Lingering Effects Of Emotional Abuse (And How To Heal Them)

"After emotional abuse, there are so many lies obstructing the heart: not enough, inadequate, worthless, bad, broken, replaceable, unlovable, my...

Jackson Mackenzie
August 10 2016

The One Thing I Learned From Being On 50 Diets In 5 Years

What this woman learned when she ditched dieting and got in touch with her intuition.

Samantha Skelly
July 29 2016

What I Wish Everyone Understood About Losing A Child

"My son taught me empathy and forgiveness. He taught me how to look at life with both eyes wide open and with no regret."

Hope Hollinsworth Coaxum
July 19 2016

How To Cope With Overwhelming Tragedy

Between numbness and despair there is a place called hope. Hope is a verb, and sometimes we have to fight to reach it.

Laura Silverstein
July 16 2016

Suffering From Social Anxiety? 3 Ways To Cope

Telling someone with social anxiety to "just relax and enjoy yourself" is like telling someone suffering from clinical depression to "just snap out of...

Jamison Monroe
July 11 2016

Having A Bad Day? Here Are 7 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Do

We're definitely guilty of #7: "Not moving at all. Ever."

Shannon Kaiser
June 16 2016

Unexpected Causes Of Loneliness + What To Do About Them

Is your sense of isolation caused by one of these sneaky factors?

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
June 16 2016

13 Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Mental Health + Why It Matters

With such large followings, they can really get a productive conversation going.

Emi Boscamp
May 31 2016

The Therapy That's Changing The Way We Treat Depression & Addiction

Often, teens’ painful stories emerge over time. “As in any therapeutic relationship, the first picture won’t tell you the entire story. It’s the...

Jamison Monroe
May 22 2016

What I Always Tell My Patients Who Want To Heal From Depression

As a functional medicine doctor, I take a different approach to depression: I look for the underlying cause. We eliminate things that cause imbalances...

Mark Hyman, M.D.
May 3 2016