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5 Morning Rituals For Busy Moms

Years ago while raising young children, I made a simple choice that changed my life. As the mother of twin girls, I quickly learned how little of each...

Shawn Fink
October 29 2014

I Went To A 7AM Sober Dance Party & Loved It

True story — earlier last month, I attended a dance party. On a boat. At 7am on a weekday. And I danced my ass off.

Andrea Rice
September 12 2014

How To Meditate If You Can't Sit Still

When you’re anxious or depressed, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is sitting down with your thoughts. But what many of us don't realize...

Kate James
August 17 2014

7 Things Being A Professional Ballerina Taught Me About My Body

As a child I knew I was different. I would fall asleep at night listening to Chopin and Tchaikovsky, and draw versions of the tutus I wanted to wear...

Stephanie Burg
June 28 2014

8 Ways To Make Your Life Extraordinary, No Matter How Ordinary It Seems

In any predictable action flick, the hero swoops in when all seems impossible, the challenges insurmountable. It’s why you watch the movie — because...

Kate Swoboda
May 30 2014

Breakdancing 'Monks' Celebrate Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch (Video)

If you happened to be walking around New York City's Union Square on Friday, you may have noticed something unusual: four 'Tibetan monks'...

May 8 2014

7 Ways To Work Out Without Going To The Gym

Have you ever started an exercise plan only to grow tired of it? Do the classes and the equipment at the gym ever get you down? No worries! Here are...

Jovanka Ciares
February 26 2014

6 Things I Learned From A Michael Franti Concert

Michael Franti is an accomplished inspirational singer songwriter who lives and breathes his mission of spreading love everywhere he goes. The goal of...

Taraleigh Weathers
October 21 2013

Fun Ways To Stay Active (No Gym Required)

When life gets hectic, our health is one of the first areas to suffer. Maybe you tell yourself “there’s just no time,” and before you know it, you’ve...

Tina Paymaster
August 3 2013

How To Find God Through Dance

In Bhakti Yoga, the longing for god is God. The fastest way TO God is to love God.

Dana Flynn
July 11 2013

How to Conquer the Stages of Life

In July 1992 I had braces, a unibrow, and, despite my begging, was still not allowed to shave my legs.

Lauren Imparato
November 23 2012

25 Ways to Have Fun Today

The other night I went out and danced all night long until my feet hurt. I haven’t done that in a while.

Zoë B
October 24 2012

How Dancing Every Day Helped Me Love My Body

Okay, so I'm dancing every day for a year. At the ballet bar, in my sneakers, in clubs, classes, underground warehouse parties and on the streets.

Tasha Blank
October 18 2012

5 Ways to Find the Answers You Need

Like so many of us, I've had my moments of disappointment and despair. I've gotten so trapped inside my own mind that I didn't see or hear clearly...

Claudia Fortes
October 17 2012

7 Ways to Get Out of a Funky Mood

Everyone experiences a funky mood from time to time. You know, everything is blah – your typical cool as a cucumber disposition can’t believe that guy...

Shannon Williams
September 10 2012

Using Nude Portraits to Gain Self-Esteem

Growing up, I was the first in my family to notice when my younger sister stopped eating. Something about a boy and control and her proclivity towards...

Zoe Wilder
August 28 2012

Asana Jive

Recently, I went to a yoga workshop that included live music by Sean Hayes. There is just something sexy about practicing yoga to live music, right? I...

Haleigh Forbes
August 27 2012

25 Ways to Be Alone, But Not Lonely

Ladies, let’s get real. We have all made decisions when it comes to relationships that were based on the fear of being alone. I know all about it,...

Taraleigh Weathers
August 17 2012

4 Tips to Find Movement That You Love

Working as a health coach, I find that the best exercise to recommend to a client is one that is connected to their heart. People will commit to...

Katerina Goldman
August 16 2012