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8 Tips For An Easy & Affordable Spring Detox

It’s official. Spring has sprung and we're all finally coming out of hiding. During the colder months, we tend to just curl up on the couch to avoid...

Amy Jarosky
April 7 2014

10 Things Everyone Can Learn From Paleo (Even If You Hate It)

I hate meat. I've been vegetarian all my life. I remember a few years ago at a Pizza Hut when they mistakenly brought out a "meat lovers" pizza...

Amy Shah, M.D.
March 14 2014

5 All-Natural Ways To Beat Acne For Good

Nowadays I spend most of my time out in the world makeup-less, but this wasn't always the case. I used to have horrible skin, with rash-like acne...

Esosa Edosomwan
February 17 2014

How To Cleanse Your Body With Food

Do you feel sluggish, bloated or just frequently under the weather? Are you suffering from seasonal allergies or having a difficult time losing...

Amy Myers, M.D.
January 23 2014

5 Foods Your Dentist Wants You To Eat

It’s certainly important to be aware of foods that should be avoided because of the damage they have on teeth, but why not focus on delicious and...

Kenneth Mak, DDS
January 22 2014

Why Everyone Should Get To Know Ghee

I love fat, and every two weeks or so I devote a little time to making my favorite type of it. For 15 minutes, I'm engrossed in the essential ritual...

Julia Clarke
January 8 2014

Dairy-Free Chocolate-Coconut Ice Cream

This chocolate ice cream tastes just like the real deal. The only difference between this ice cream and regular chocolate ice cream is that this one...

Alison Andrews
January 7 2014

Raw & Vegan Vanilla Whipped Cream!

Just because you're avoiding dairy doesn't mean you have to miss out on the biggest dairy delight — cream. This recipe is so good, I once fed it to a...

Ames Starr
December 19 2013

Dairy-Free Cinnamon Eggnog Recipe

When I was a child, I used to beg my mom to get eggnog at the store when we shopped during the holiday season. I LOVED eggnog, and I would drink it...

Andrea Hood
December 16 2013

5 Small Steps Toward Living A Healthier Life

Some people like to tackle big changes incrementally. If you're serious about making some massive improvements to your health, and you're going to do...

Eric Zarnesky
December 9 2013

9 Tips For A Healthier Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, I'm frequently asked how I maintain a healthy diet and remain gluten and dairy-free during a time of decadence and...

Amy Myers, M.D.
November 21 2013

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Ice Cream (Only 5 Ingredients!)

This ice cream is perfect for the fall season. And the best part? Your milk-guzzling friends will have no clue that it’s dairy free. It is creamy and...

Jessica Lauren DeBry
November 17 2013

3 Delightful Ways To Ditch Dairy

I remember the day I finally admitted to myself that I was lactose intolerant. It was my second quarter of college, and I was sitting in a giant...

Sonnet Lauberth
November 2 2013

How I Ignited My 40-Pound Weight Loss In 14 Days

Years ago, I felt helpless. My battle with my weight had become too much. It was 1990 and I had just graduated from college and moved to New York City...

Dawna Stone
October 30 2013

Warming Pumpkin Spice "Latte"

When the weather starts to cool, and you want something nourishing and comforting to keep you warm, nothing beats this thick and creamy hot drink made...

Nathalie Fraise
September 25 2013

The Sour Facts About Milk: What Every Parent Needs To Know

Over the past 40 years, the dairy industry has poured billions of dollars into advertising campaigns designed to mesmerize, lure, and frighten...

John Pierre
September 19 2013

10 Things I Wish All Americans Knew About The Meat & Dairy Industries

Are you being manipulated into buying things you don’t want or need? In my book Meatonomics, I show that animal food producers control our everyday...

David Robinson Simon
September 3 2013

10 Awesome, All-Natural Uses For Baking Soda

Whenever I fall in love with a product I tend to buy it in bulk. It's cheaper, more convenient and you never have to be afraid of running out of it.

Nathalie Chantal de Ahna
August 28 2013

5 Tips To Nudge Your Family Toward A Plant-Based Diet

Although I stopped eating animals more than 20 years ago, I’m living in a house full of carnivores. My husband and our four kids love meat (and would...

Holly Smith
August 21 2013