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How Being A Consistent Underachiever In Life Motivated A CrossFit Champion

"Ultimately, you are the creator of your own story."

October 29 2016

How An Injury Changes Your Mind-Body Feedback Loop

The initial all-encompassing dread and devastation is part of the healing process.

October 27 2016

CrossFit Superstar Julie Foucher Reflects On The Connection Between CrossFit & Functional Medicine

Julie Foucher was a traditional medical student and a CrossFit superstar when she discovered functional medicine. In this clip from #revitalize2016,...

October 21 2016

CrossFit Champion Christmas Abbott Shares Her Transformational Personal Practice

Developing mental fortitude helped her make a change and expand her capacity.

October 20 2016

How This Badass CrossFit Champ Learned To Finally Embrace Herself

There's one thing we all need, and it's not self-love, at least not to start.

October 18 2016

Haters Gonna Hate: The Ultimate Guide To Successfully Shutting Down Online Bullies

You don't need "thick skin" to pull yourself out of that rabbit hole of self-destruction.

October 15 2016

How To Know If You're Suffering From Workout Burnout + What To Do About It

Because there are only so many burpees a person can do.

Juliet Kaska
August 31 2016

What No One Tells You About CrossFit Injuries

Read this before your next CrossFit class.

Dr. Armin Tehrany
July 3 2016

3 Ways Yoga Can Take Your Workout To The Next Level

A mindful practice can fill important gaps in a high-intensity fitness routine. Here's why yoga is the yin to CrossFit's yang.

Todd McCullough
May 11 2016

Julie Foucher On Her Love For CrossFit, Science, & #Wellth

"Surround yourself with people who empower you to be better than you ever thought you could be!"

Jason Wachob
March 2 2016

3 Things Yoga Can Learn From CrossFit

Okay, first let’s breathe — that wasn’t sarcasm. I know this title might create a reaction. For most people who do yoga, it’s changed their lives. I...

John Kim
August 21 2015

10 Inspiring Instagrams From The CrossFit Games

The Reebok CrossFit Games ended on Sunday, crowning 25-year-old Ben Smith and 22-year-old Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir as the fittest people on the...

Gabrielle Frank
July 27 2015

The 15 Most Badass Men Of The CrossFit Games

Since it started in 2007, the CrossFit Games have been a must-watch event for fitness junkies around the world. Competitors must go through three...

Gabrielle Frank
July 23 2015

The 15 Most Badass Women Of The CrossFit Games

The CrossFit games kick off today in California and will be televised on ESPN starting on Friday, July 24. This grueling and intimidating challenge is...

Gabrielle Frank
July 21 2015

18 Things To Know Before You Start CrossFit

CrossFit workouts can be intimidating, especially if you have a limited or non-existent athletic background. Even the terminology used in CrossFit...

Matthew Walrath
July 17 2015

Watch This 60-Year-Old Woman Kill It In CrossFit

I’m an avid sportswoman and adventurous traveler. I’ve visited more than 100 countries. I’ve climbed eight out of the nine Seven Summits (the highest...

Sandy Hill
July 15 2015

How One CrossFit Class Converted Me After 15 Years Of Yoga

Up until last year, I'd been practicing yoga three times a week since I was 12. I was the last person you'd have pegged as a prospective CrossFit...

Jenna Zoe
January 24 2015