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10 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew About Health

I promised myself this year that I would share some transformational health truths with all the women in my life — including you.

Amy Shah, M.D.
September 26 2014

The 5-Part Wellness Plan That Helped Me During & After Cancer

In 2009, I was running a wine and food public relations agency in New York City, hobnobbing with famous chefs, drinking world-class wines and...

Melanie Young
September 22 2014

Want To Prevent Cancer? Eat Right & Exercise

While we've made tremendous progress in treating and preventing cancer over the past half-century, the American Association for Cancer Research's...

September 18 2014

5 Toxic Ingredients You Want To Avoid In The Shower

Do you take steps to eat right? Do you avoid toxic chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) in canned food and food storage containers? Then it only makes...

Healthy Child Healthy World
September 12 2014

CVS Stops Selling Cigarettes For Good

Even though we all know that smoking's bad for us, tobacco use remains by far and away the leading cause of preventable death in the United States,...

September 4 2014

Why Yoga Is Great For Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors

Studies have shown that when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, they can suffer from symptoms consistent with post traumatic stress disorder and...

Hope Knosher
August 29 2014

3 Common Chemicals That May Cause Breast Cancer

Bisphenol-A, phthalates, and parabens are three very common chemicals that have been linked in various studies to breast cancer.

487 Elementary Schools At Risk Of Toxic Herbicide Exposure

EWG has determined that 487 elementary schools across America are within 200 feet of a corn or soybean field. This finding is alarming because young...

Why Some People Change Their Lives But Others Stay Stuck

Asha Mevlana faced a difficult choice. The decision she made ultimately would help her to rise to rock stardom, playing electric violin with some of...

David B. Feldman, PhD
August 15 2014

Fracking: What It Is & Why You Should Care

Fracking is all over the news lately. No wonder. This technology responsible for America’s recent boost in natural gas production has some critics....

Walking 30 Minutes A Day Can Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

While we've known for a while that exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices can reduce the risk of cancer, this study of nearly 60,000 women...

August 11 2014

Why Birth Control Could Put You At Risk For Breast Cancer

In the past, studies have shown a very slight increased risk for breast cancer with the use of hormonal birth control, or none at all. Now, a study...

Truest Love: California Couple Dies Holding Hands After 62 Years Of Marriage

A California couple who were married for 62 years passed away just fours hours apart last month, holding hands.

August 5 2014

Your Chair Is Killing You: 5 Steps To Take Back Your Power

The evidence is in — your chair is killing you. Many American workers sit more than 15 hours each day. Think about it for a second. You get up in the...

Dr. James A. Levine
August 3 2014

10 Reasons Why Stress Is The Most Dangerous Toxin In Your Life

What we think and feel, and how long we think it or feel it, determines our health. The science is strong, and yet so often stress is considered an...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
July 20 2014

L.A.'s First (Organic) Marijuana Farmers Market Draws Large Crowds

It looks like any other American farmer's market. Buyers sniff the wares, test weights and compare, while vendors tout their product. But the only...

July 10 2014

Can Sitting Too Much Give You Cancer?

We all know that sitting for hours at a time each day, whether in front of a computer or in front of the T.V., can feel awful and can actually be...

June 23 2014

7 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About The Nation's Deadliest Cancer

When you hear the words, "the nation's deadliest cancer," which cancer immediately comes to mind? Like most of the population, you probably didn't...

Susan Warmerdam
June 23 2014