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7 Ways To Take Control Of Your Health, Even In A Crisis

I study people who heal from cancer against all odds. The one thing these survivors all have in common: taking action. Here are some ways you can...

Kelly Turner, PhD
April 2 2016

7 Proven Ways To Help Prevent Cancer

In the wellness world, cancer prevention is a common topic. But which techniques are actually backed by science?

Francesca Vazquez, PsyD
February 29 2016

5 Simple Things Men Can Do To Prevent Prostate Cancer: A Doctor Explains

Whether you're a man or a woman, odds are you know someone who is currently battling or has died from prostate cancer. In fact, it's the second most...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
January 13 2016

What You Need To Know About The Link Between Sugar & Disease

This is the year we waged war on sugar, and perhaps rightfully so.

Dr. Lorenzo Cohen
January 7 2016

15 Seconds That Could Save A Woman's Life

A Canadian woman's Facebook post is going viral — and it could save lives.

Kerry Shaw
December 30 2015

Dying Mother's Letter To Family Is Somehow Heartbreaking & Funny At The Same Time

Heather McManamy, a 36-year-old mother who passed away on December 15, knew her loved ones would be sad when she was gone, but all she really wanted...

Emi Boscamp
December 22 2015

Science Says Most Cancer Cases Are Actually Avoidable

Cancer has become so rampant that we all seem to have been touched by it in some way — be it a friend or a relative with the disease. It seems to...

Emi Boscamp
December 17 2015

The 6 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods You Should Eat Every Day

The average American eats about 1,100 meals every year. Unfortunately, much of what they eat is drawn from the Standard American Diet (SAD): foods...

Dr. Joel Fuhrman
December 17 2015

I Was 26 And Healthy. Here's How A Routine Dentist Visit Saved My Life

In the spring of 2014, I was 26 years old, working toward my bachelor’s degree in human resource management, working full time, and engaged to be...

Brooke Vitense
December 5 2015

10 Things You Need To Know Today (November 26)

New numbers from the National Institute of Health found that women are consuming more alcohol, while men are drinking less, meaning at least one...

Allie White
November 26 2015

Good News For Meat Lovers! This Is How To Prepare It For Lowest Cancer Risk

Meat lovers just can't win lately. At the end of October, a research division of the World Health Organization announced that bacon, sausage, and...

Emi Boscamp
November 24 2015

7 Radical Life Changes I Made When I Was Given A Cancer Death Sentence

No, I wasn’t on death row — but it sure felt like it when I was sentenced with Stage 4 lung cancer back in February 2012.

Susan Warmerdam
November 22 2015

5 Things That Help Prevent Cancer (That You Can Actually Control): A Doctor Explains

No doubt, cancer is scary. However, the worst thing you can do is succumb to hopelessness. There are in fact things you can do to help lower your risk...

Mark Hyman, M.D.
November 15 2015

High School Senior With Terminal Cancer Gives Inspiring Speech About Living To The Fullest

18-year-old Jake Bailey, a senior monitor at Christchurch Boys’ high school in New Zealand, had prepared a speech for the school's awards ceremony for...

Emi Boscamp
November 9 2015

The Age Of Your First Period Could Say A Lot About Your Long-Term Health

It might not be your fondest memory, but think back to what age you were the first time you got your period. Sure, it might have been uncomfortable...

Allie White
November 1 2015

Why I Tell My Patients They Can (And Should) Keep Eating Meat

"Where's the beef?" That was the slogan of a major fast food chain years ago. And after the new recommendations from the World Health Organization —...

Dr. Jack Wolfson
November 1 2015

So Red Meat Is Bad For You ... But How Much Is ACTUALLY OK To Eat?

On Monday, a research division of the World Health Organization announced that bacon, sausage, and other processed meats cause cancer and that red...

Emi Boscamp
October 27 2015

17 Ways I’m Better At Life, Work & Motherhood After Cancer

In 2013, when I was 40, Good Morning America producers asked me to have my first mammogram live on the show. My reaction was immediate: No way. Then,...

Amy Robach
October 1 2015

Love Your Skin! 3 Ways To Treat Sun Damage Naturally

Let’s start with a basic fact: sun damage is by far the most significant cause of wrinkling, skin aging and skin cancers. That said, most of will...

Jennifer Freitas
August 16 2015

The 12 Worst Cancer-Causing Ingredients In Everyday Products

The EWG’s annual Dirty Dozen breaks down which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticides and which have the fewest. This year, they’ve taken...

Emma Loewe
August 10 2015