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9 Ways To Live With More Intention

Have you ever gone to bed and not been able to remember many details from your day? Are you checking off weeks faster than items on your to-do list?...

Lee Crutchley
May 11 2015

A Simple Breathing Exercise To Give You More Energy

If I told you all you have to do to make a major difference in your health was to breathe differently, would you do it?

Michael Rothermel
May 8 2015

Why You Should Practice Breathing Through Your Nose (And Not Your Mouth)

We all remember Mom telling us to chew our food slowly. Why? Because it promotes proper digestion by allowing the digestive enzymes in the saliva to...

Dr. Reid Winick
May 6 2015

A 30-Second Ritual To Start Every Day Off Right

All of us all want to be happy. And despite the way our culture commonly approaches this conversation, happiness is actually a relatively simple thing...

Jude Temple
May 1 2015

The 10 Cities With The Most Air Pollution In The U.S.

Take a deep breath. We've got some not-so-great news. Or wait — on second thought, maybe don't.

Emi Boscamp
April 30 2015

The Art Of Mindful Oral Sex: A Guide For Men & Women

Oral sex can be one of the most beautiful expressions of intimacy, desire and love for a partner or lover.

Gia Ravazzotti
March 17 2015

5 Ways To Have An Explosive Orgasm

Culturally, we tend to think of orgasms as the be all and the end all of sex. Of course, orgasms are literally referred to as the "climax" of sex. But...

Emma Dixon
March 12 2015

5 Pilates Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Yoga Practice

Pilates and yoga are two very different practices that support each other beautifully. The strength and precision of Pilates balances the freedom of...

Justine Malick
March 7 2015

Why You Should Try The Air Swish Breath

Let's face it, we all get pretty stressed out sometimes. But have you ever stopped to notice what is happening to your jaw? It's probably clenched....

Reshma Patel
March 4 2015

9 Ways To Fall Asleep That You Probably Haven't Tried

How many times have you followed the traditional guidelines (sleep hygiene, low temperature, darkened room etc. etc.) but it just doesn't work?

Amy Shah, M.D.
February 25 2015

A Yogi's Secret To Thriving During Motherhood

As a mother of twin 4-year-old boys, I have been through my fair share of challenges. I credit my sanity solely to my yoga practice.

Lindsay Monteagudo
February 17 2015

A Tantra Meditation To Enhance Your Love Life

If you're at all into spirituality, meditation or yoga, chances are you've heard of Tantra.

Prana Regina Barrett
February 14 2015

What Yoga Inversions & Sex Have In Common

There are a few reasons why the practice of going upside-down is included in nearly every style of yoga, and is now starting to pop up at the gym in...

Claudia Richey
February 12 2015

Embrace These 3 Limbs Of Yoga To Quiet Anxious Thoughts

Most of us have probably experienced feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed out, worried and fearful. Whether you experience these emotions...

Anna Schott
February 11 2015

5 Beginner Meditations To Help You Relax & Sleep Better

I never really understood what meditating was until, one night last year while lying in bed feeling restless and fussy, I paused and took three deep...

Katie Chamberlain Kritikos
February 7 2015

The Anti-Aging Powers Of Yoga & Breathwork

While many of us wish we could slow the hands of time, we must still face the fact that it is impossible to stop the aging process completely. We do...

Ashley Turner
January 29 2015

8 Tips To Establish A Morning Mindfulness Practice

A morning practice is an opportunity to meet with our essential selves before letting the world in. The magic that is inherent in the morning is what...

Karen Prosen
January 12 2015

7 Health Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making Throughout The Day

There are some habits that have been ingrained into us for so long that we might not even realize that they're detrimental to our health.

Kelsey Frizzell
January 6 2015

Trouble Sleeping? 4 Techniques That Really Work

Telling our brain it's time for sleep can be a challenge. It may not be done telling us stories for the day, or it may be more interested in going...

Chris Pritchard
January 2 2015