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Thinking of Inking Your First Tattoo? Consider These 3 Things First

You have thought about it a ton. Here's how to be sure you're not making a mistake.

Patrick Hyland
April 4 2016

Artist Olivia Steele On Tantric Sex And Why Art Is A Spiritual Practice

Please, whatever you do, do it for the right reasons and with conviction.

Jason Wachob
March 8 2016

An Awe-Inspiring Look Back On Scott Kelly's Historic Space Mission

Earlier this week, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly ​touched down after 340 days in space.

Emma Loewe
March 6 2016

Lady Gaga's Powerful New Tattoo Is A Testament To Sexual Assault Survivors

The tattoo combines the universal sign of unity with a rose on fire into a symbol of solidarity and strength.

Emma Loewe
March 5 2016

How To Tap Into Your Creativity (Even If You Think You Don’t Have Any)

Creativity is a skill that you can build over time. Use these five tips on flexing your creative muscles the next time you pick up a pencil, buy some...

Josh Barad
February 13 2016

Crayola Is Launching Its Own Line Of Adult Coloring Books

It's time to dig out your elementary school pencil box and get sharpening.

Emi Boscamp
November 10 2015

Nearly Everything In This Office Is Made Out Of Trash (And The Photos Are Amazing)

As Albe Zakes — the VP of TerraCycle, a global recycling network — led me through the company's headquarters, he stopped in his tracks once we reached...

Emma Loewe
November 9 2015

I Spent 34 Years In Prison For A Crime I Didn’t Commit. Here’s How I Coped

On July 30, 1976, I went to Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania, to visit friends. I got there around 8 p.m. and didn’t know that at 4 p.m., a local girl had...

Lewis Fogle
October 12 2015

21 Reasons I'm So Glad I Went Back To Burning Man

Burning Man has ended and masses of dusty, sparkle-eyed people have returned home, including me. I've participated in the event each year for the past...

Jessica Yurasek
September 9 2015

20 Photos That Are Giving Us Some Serious Burning Man FOMO

The most mystical time of the year has come to a close. Bodies have been painted, furry boots have been worn, gifts have been given, people have...

Emi Boscamp
September 8 2015

15 Reasons I'm Going Back To Burning Man

Black Rock City, Nevada is an otherworldly place — a destination physically accessible for just one week a year.

Jessica Yurasek
August 26 2015

Why Your Suffering Makes You Good At What You Do

As a DJ who throws epic dance parties all over the country, one might say that I’m in the business of happiness. I spend a lot of time talking about...

Tasha Blank
August 12 2015

Why Wait? 11 Things To Do Before Summer's Over

To help you be a little more adventurous this summer, I made a cheat sheet of activities to inspire a season of fun, meaning, and memories.