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What I Learned When I Finally Embraced My Sexuality

For years, I stuffed down the fact that I was gay. I so badly wanted to fit in with everyone else that I lived my life to appease others. I became...

Lauren Stahl
July 22 2014

8 Habits That Rob You Of Happiness

Humans are largely habitual creatures, and, unfortunately, this hard-wired ability can be used for good or ill. While we may earnestly avow that we're...

Hannah Sentenac
July 8 2014

5 Thoughts To Stop Thinking If You Want A Better Life

On any given day, the average person will have over 50,000 thoughts. Of these, over 80% can be negative. If you want to clean up your life, start by...

Shannon Kaiser
June 28 2014

Why Overeaters Anonymous Didn't Work For Me

I went from weighing about 300 pounds to weighing around 150 and have kept all but 20 pounds off for five years now. It wasn’t until a few months...

Naomi Teeter
June 23 2014

20 Reasons Why Yoga Heals

Have you always wanted to try yoga but never quite had the confidence to start? Maybe you've been away from the mat for a while and are looking for a...

Katrina Love Senn
June 11 2014

7 Life Lessons Happy People Have Already Figured Out

Life doesn’t come with instructions. No one hands us a manual when we are born. Instead we have to navigate the trenches of the unknown and try to...

Shannon Kaiser
June 9 2014

How Meditation Helped Me Deal With Loneliness

I’ve struggled with loneliness a lot. I live in Los Angeles by myself, far from my family in New Jersey. I don’t have a family of my own, and I’ve...

Julianna Raye
May 29 2014

25 Signs You're Succeeding At Life (Even If It Doesn't Feel Like It)

This post is just the tip of the iceberg! For even more of Shannon Kaiser's wisdom, be sure to check out her newest class, Get Unstuck: How To Find...

Shannon Kaiser
May 28 2014

30 Simple Ways To Relax (Without Going On Vacation)

Maybe you've recently thought of taking a vacation, but there are tons of to-do lists piling on your table. Well, never mind. You can still unwind...

Noel Lee
May 21 2014

6 Lessons I Learned From A 365-Day Handstand Challenge

In 2004, I was living in the suburbs as a single mom because it was more affordable than city living. This meant it was really difficult to go out on...

Rebecca Butler
May 14 2014

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Acceptance

The first time someone posed the idea of "acceptance" to me, I was chatting with my first therapist. We were discussing my relationship with my dad...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
May 10 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Fail MORE

What is the thing that makes any adventure terrifying and exhilarating at the same time? What word is the most important key to success, yet the...

Tony J. Robinson
May 5 2014

How To Let Go Of The Past & Forgive Those Who Hurt You

How often do you see someone have an angry overreaction to a seemingly minor situation, such as getting served the wrong sandwich, or being stuck at a...

Jordan Phoenix
May 2 2014

5 Ways I Embraced My Weight Gain

One of the things I've struggled very hard to learn was how in the world people could teach concepts like, “If you want to change your body, you first...

Jamie Perry
April 20 2014

5 Reasons To Keep On Blogging (Despite Your Critics)

Words are powerful. They can educate, inspire and empower. They can evoke love and joy, they can move you to tears and provoke action, they can change...

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
April 19 2014

5 Truths I Learned About Sex In My 20s

A little while ago I had the surprising realization that as of now, I have been sex free for 2014. This is the result of a journey I started since...

Angelica Olstad
April 8 2014

7 Beautiful Things I Learned From My Last Breakup

I recently ended a relationship with someone I felt had the potential to be a life-long partner.

Colleen Amann, N.D.
April 3 2014

5 Life-Affirming Lessons I Learned When My Son Had Cancer

Eighty-first Street and Amsterdam Avenue in New York City may be forgettable location for most but, for me, it’s quite the opposite. It's the spot...

Jen Eden
February 20 2014

11 Ways To Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Do you ever get frustrated that the world seems to be on a downward spiral? It’s easy to feel helpless in the face of war, environmental damage and...

Jo Casey
January 7 2014