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Want To Be A Better Athlete? Strengthen Your Brain

It's not all about how many pounds you can lift.

Dr. Edythe Heus
August 9 2017

Recovering From A Tough Workout? Eat This!

Those sore muscles don't stand a chance.

Lisa Hayim
August 6 2017

The Workout That Gave Me Adrenal Fatigue & How I Bounced Back

Yes, you really do need to take rest days.

Jonathan Maxim
August 5 2017

The Game-Changing Words That Helped Gabby Douglas Win A Gold Medal

"I just remember standing on the podium and thinking 'wow, all the hard work and all the sacrifice paid off.'"

Leigh Weingus
July 28 2017

How This Athlete Bounced Back From A Concussion That Nearly Ended Her Career

"It's one of those things in life where you have to decide, 'will this make me or break me?'"

Leigh Weingus
July 25 2017

I've Been An Athlete My Entire Life. This Is Why Slowing Down Has Made Me Invincible

"I may not be able to soar through a sequence of handstand variations or pounce on the ability to escape a BJJ arm bar, but I’m still here."

Kathryn Budig
July 22 2017

The Two Phrases That Helped Me Heal From A Debilitating Injury

I had pushed myself too hard, and the only thing that helped me heal was two strong mantras.

Sara Quiriconi
July 13 2017

What Should You Actually Be Doing On Rest Days? Fitness Experts Weigh In

Here's how you should spend those designated non-exercise days.

Leigh Weingus
July 3 2017