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Raw Chocolate Mousse (Packed With Protein!)

It's so great to have a few go-to recipes that are tasty and nutritious, but without all that sugar. This one is one of them! It tastes like a real...

Pauline Hanuise
September 8 2014

Goat Cheese & Rosemary Paleo Muffins

Oh my gosh — fresh rosemary and goat cheese Paleo muffins! This is real.

Loveday Why
August 26 2014

Why Paleo Is Taking The World By Storm: Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser explains the science behind the food phenomenon that changed his life, and why it's working for millions of Americans.

Chris Kresser
August 13 2014

Is It Better To Eat Paleo Or Vegan? Dr. Mark Hyman Explains

With all the hype around Paleo and vegan diets, ever wondered what's the best way to eat? Dr. Mark Hyman, founder and medical director of the...

August 6 2014

How I Went From Wheelchair To Walking By Changing My Diet

Dr. Terry Wahls was given a diagnosis of MS and told she'd have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair. After radically transforming her diet,...

July 30 2014

Yes, Please! Grain-Free Coconut-Cinnamon Pancakes

I love pancakes, but having recently gone grain-free to heal from illness, I figured that with along with grains I was going to have to kiss my love...

Kristen Brotemarkle
July 12 2014

Why I'm Eating Meat Again & Loving It

As I'm writing this article, I know that I'm going to receive criticism. However, I feel it is my duty as a certified health and life coach to be...

Dr. Frank Lipman On Why Paleo Works

Dr. Frank Lipman has heard all the hype about the Mediterranean diet and the benefits of plant-based nutrition. In the clip below, though, Dr. Lipman...

June 25 2014

10 Reasons You Should Eat, Move & Live Like Your Ancestors

If you want to be healthy, go wild. Humans, after all, are wild animals.

John J. Ratey, M.D.
June 5 2014

Cauliflower Risotto (It's Paleo!)

I'm often asked whether it's a good idea to quit grains and other carbs when you quit sugar. It's true that carbs break down to become sugar in our...

Sarah Wilson
May 29 2014

How To Date Someone With A Drastically Different Diet

In a perfect world, we'd all find our dietary counterpart. Our gluten-free girlfriend, our plant-based partner, our lactose intolerant lover, our...

Talia Pollock
May 28 2014

Michael Pollan Weighs In On The Gluten-Free Craze

Michael Pollan thinks there’s more to the gluten-free craze than gluten intolerance alone.

May 15 2014

How I Made My Way From Strict Vegetarianism All The Way Back To Chicken

For the last six years I've prided myself in being vegetarian. It all started as a New Year’s resolution back in 2008. Every year I set goals for...

Stephanie Ring
April 16 2014

6 Reasons Why The Paleo Diet Is Great For Women

When we think “Paleo diet” we understandably think “cavemen.” The diet emphasizes traditionally male concepts such as hearty meals and animal protein,...

Stefani Ruper
April 4 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Paleo To Get Started

The purpose of this article is to give a beginner or someone interested in trying the Paleo diet a straightforward introduction to its benefits, the...

Camille Macres
April 3 2014

How I Lost 60 Pounds Without Dieting Or Eliminating Food Groups

Growing up in a Bangladeshi family where food was a way to show love, I had always been chubby. In college, I discovered booze and Domino's Pizza at...

Syeda Nazmi
April 1 2014

Are High-Protein Diets Harmful?

A new study in Cell Metabolism about the benefits of a low-protein diet has some media outlets reporting that a high protein diet is as harmful as...

Terry Wahls, M.D.
March 27 2014

6 Signs Of A Good Diet

Being of a Paleo persuasion, there are many foods I completely avoid that other diets insist are healthy. "High protein tofu," "healthy whole grains,"...

David Sciola
March 25 2014