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Change Your Life in 60 Seconds With This Breathing Exercise

Ever feel blocked? When we get hooked into our to-do lists and daily duties, we lose track of life flow. A big block is fear. Whenever fear arises, we...

Gabrielle Bernstein
March 7 2014

Try This Quick Kundalini Yoga Sequence From A West Coast Guru

I'm in love with this Kundalini yoga kriya series — movements that promote real change within. In just five to 10 minutes you can expect a major dose...

Guru Jagat
December 7 2014

A Yoga Sequence To Burn Through Impurities & Fuel Transformation

Poses that stoke our inner fire leave us light, clear, and more brilliant than we imagined possible.

Britt B. Steele
June 27 2016

5 Yoga Poses For Better Digestion

Solve all your stomach issues with this quick yoga flow.

Tara Lee
May 5 2016

Is Suppressed Anger Making You Sick?

In its purest form, anger is concentrated balls of fire that bubble up from our depths. These balls of fire are our deepest passions, our life force,...

Courtney Prosser
July 3 2013

7 Tips To Raise Chill Kids Using What You Love About Yoga

Teaching yoga principles to kids gives them the tools to stay calm and in a chill mode of operation. Granted, these tips are for all ages, so you may...

Kerry Alison Wekelo
January 7 2013

6 Ways To Heat Up Your Home Yoga Practice

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter is here.

Alison Smith
February 5 2013

Feeling Unproductive? Blame Your Desk’s Feng Shui

And how to make sure it has great energy all day every day.

Maureen K. Calamia
June 20 2017

Why It's So Important For Men To Connect With Nature

For centuries, men have felt a desire or need to control nature, rather than embrace and revere it. Now, many of us barely have a relationship with...

Erick Joseph
June 26 2014

6 Yoga Twists To Help You Release The Past + Make Room For The Future

it’s time to ignite the fire within. It’s time to burn away the past to create space for a better future to emerge.

Jennifer Niles
June 14 2016

An 11-Minute Breathing Exercise For Stronger Abs & A Clearer Mind

After having my first baby, I noticed that my abdomen still looked like I was pregnant or like I had eaten a bit too many muffins.

Reshma Patel
May 5 2014

Yoga & Breathing Tips for Staying Healthy

Winter is approaching; days are getting colder and grayer, sometimes wet. It's natural that our bodies want to go into hibernation.

Kristin Mirabelle
December 21 2011

The Cause Of Your Inflammation + 2 Healing Elixirs To Soothe It

Drink your way to better health with these yummy elixirs.

Adriana Ayales
June 22 2016

4 Simple Techniques To Melt Away Fear

Think of the last time you were talking to someone you’re in relationship with, be it your partner, a close friend, or a colleague. At some point in...

Nicole Taylor Linehan
August 30 2013