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Time for a conversation with your partner?

I've been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember, fascinated with the mystical, esoteric and occult.

Or are our routine aura cleanings only a myth?

Who run the world?

Saying "no" can become quite powerful…

Including a memoir that will change your life and Elizabeth Gilbert's winning new novel.

We can all be profoundly disciplined in our eating choices and habits — for a time. But all this discipline is often offset by periodic…

Diagnose your sick home and save it, STAT.

And how to make sure it has great energy all day every day.

Hint: The answer is very mindbodygreen.

Consider this your excuse to get a puppy.

The trick is combining biophilic design and feng shui for maximum good vibes.

Add the right audiobook to your daily routine, and you've got your own personal motivation coach.