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This is something to seriously look forward to.

Your thyroid and taste buds will thank you.

Give your green smoothie a break this morning.

Lucuma, where have you been all our lives?

Get on the chia bandwagon (if you aren't already).

My love for chia seeds has been around for quite some time, but I never pulled the trigger on making chia pudding due to the…

This super-healthy, crazy-delicious breakfast sundae comes from Fran Costigan, “the queen of vegan desserts.” Fran is an internationally recognized culinary instructor…

Today, the pastry trainer over at California's Tender Greens lends us one of her go-to breakfast recipes: coconut chia pudding.

Strawberries are in season, so why not make something incredibly healthy and delicious with them? Something like chia seed pudding!

Chia seeds join together with almond milk and superfoods in this recipe to give you a super easy, supercharged start to your day. Filled with…

Shake winter off with this chia pudding recipe…

This is an absolutely delicious raw, vegan and filling breakfast or dessert packed with chia seeds, bananas and cashews!

Have a craving for chocolate? You go, girl!