Eat Your Way To Your Best Body
With Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle
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Whitney and Danielle, founders of Sakara Life, show you how to eat for vibrant energy, glowing skin, and your best body yet. You'll learn how to optimize nutrients at every meal, listen to your body, and whip up healthy dishes in no time. Course includes a 55-page detox guide with a week's worth of healthy recipes. Please consult your doctor before starting any eating plan or taking supplements.

About Danielle DuBoise

Danielle is a New York City-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Sakara Life, an organic, plant-based meal delivery program that sources fresh, local ingredients to provide optimized nutrition for busy urbanites. Hailing from the spiritual mecca that is Sedona, Arizona, Danielle came to New York City to study chemistry at Hunter College.

Supporting herself through school as an actress and model, she found herself caught in the throes of a dysfunctional relationship with food and dissatisfied with her own body. A search for a life change and a more soulful connection with food, and a desire for continued education in the health sciences led her to study at the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). After graduating from the program and successfully transforming her own relationships to her body and food, Danielle combined her personal experience with her nutrition expertise, to create a meal program that has helped thousands of individuals change their lives through the healing powers of food.

Danielle’s work with Sakara has been featured in the NY Times, Refinery29, Vogue, Glamour, and Sakara Life has been named the #1 Organic Meal Delivery Service by Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP.

About Whitney Tingle

Whitney is a New York City entrepreneur and co-founder of Sakara Life, Organic Meal Delivery—a nutritionally-designed meal program that incorporates locally-sourced ingredients with nutrient-packed superfoods from around the globe.

After the stress of working on Wall Street led to weight gain and the exacerbation of her chronic cystic acne, Whitney decided to take her health and happiness into her own hands. She partnered with her long-time best friend and holistic health coach, Danielle DuBoise, to create a meal program that allowed her to drop the weight and clear her skin, while still maintaining her busy lifestyle.

Whitney has been featured in the New York Times, her business on E! Online as a “Top Meal Delivery Service Celebrities Love,” as well as was named the #1 Organic Meal Delivery Service in NYC on Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP.


For fresh, delicious, healing food in New York City, whether for your family or a catered event, Sakara Life has won my heart. From their loving packaging to the taste of the food - especially the sauces and dressings - they are superb. I will be using Sakara for events and dinners with friends, and especially on weeks when I'm Super busy, Sakara will be my treat to myself. Amazing!

- Elena Brower, VIRAYOGA NYC and Author, Art of Attention

I lost weight without even trying...

- Mattias, Founder of PlayRun

Danielle and Whitney make quite a pair and all they want is for women to feel good in their bodies. They are sharing their passion for great food, and great style, with the rest of the world.

- Iman, Supermodel

The days of subsisting on lemon juice and maple syrup are over.

- The Daily

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7 Day Recipe and Food Guide
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