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We are a collaborative platform for people inspired by yoga to create enduring products that make a better world.

YogaEarth was founded in 2008 through a national community initiative to create the first ever nutritional system to synergize with the practice and living of yoga.  Our Balance and Vitality superfoods supplements were conceived and tested by 250 yoga teachers from every discipline and geography across 35 states.

We have since brought our collaborative product development to organic foods, natural beauty, yoga practice products, and propducts to support you in your journey through practice and life.  Our products represent the next generation in practical elegance, boundless eco-design, timeless quality and philanthropic stewardship.

Creative commerce has been turned over to the community.  Join us today and create your YogaEarth.
"Most Wanted 2010" item in Vogue Magazine

"With YogaEarth I no longer “crash” in the middle of the day!" - Jennifer Pastiloff, Yoga Teacher 

“Helps me focus and prevents muscle weakness." - Carmen Curtis, Aerial Yoga Teacher “

YogaEarth rises up to the challenge of a Yogi’s needs.” - Alanna Kaivalya, Yoga Teacher 

“A star-studded list of superfood supplements." - Lisa Walford, Curriculum Director for YogaWorks

"YogaEarth harmonizes my practice, my movement, my cells. I use the products every day, whether I practice yoga, do cardio, or simply go for a walk. If I cannot workout at all, I take Balance in the morning and Vitality in the midafternoon for a holistic boost. The shift in my body, my brain, my heart has been noticeable, observable and impactful, profound for me." - Elena Brower