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Blum Center for Health
34 Rye Ridge Plaza
Rye Brook, New York 10573
(914) 652-7800
Susan S. Blum, M.D., an Award-Winning Preventive Doctor and Chronic Disease Specialist practicing Functional Medicine, has been treating, healing and preventing chronic diseases for the last decade.  In January 2011, Dr. Blum broke new ground with Blum Center for Health, the first Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle Education Center in Westchester County, NY. 
Blum Center for Health is truly an extraordinary new model for wellness. In addition to treating patients with chronic medical conditions, this educational center provides comprehensive Mind.Body.Spirit Programs, Nutritional and Health Supportive Cooking Classes at BlumKitchen, a Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Program, a Weight Loss Program, a Medical Detoxification Program, Saturday and Weekend Retreats, and a Destination Program for out of town guests.  

Prevention is essential for optimal health and wellness. The mission of Blum Center for Health is to facilitate a healing experience by creating a partnership with the patient, while also providing cutting-edge Functional Medicine and teaching self-care skills for changing health habits. Blum Center for Health is dedicated to providing personalized medical care, empowering each patient and client to take charge of his or her own health by providing him or her with the tools and inspiration to do so.

Who Should Visit Blum Center for Health?

Those with a chronic health condition

To prevent chronic conditions and achieve optimal health

To focus on women’s health and hormone balance

To create a holistic health plan 

Dr. Blum is truly a visionary crusader for the future of health and wellness.  Her passion and dedication for identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through the whole body approach known as Functional Medicine, is helping to transform our healthcare system.

Dr. Blum continuously lends her expertise to many major news and media outlets nationwide. Blum Center for Health receives the highest accolades in the press for it’s unique programs.