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So you want to know about mindbodygreen?
Our founder, Jason Wachob, put together some of his favorite quotes on wellness. Enjoy!

Our Team

Jason Wachob
Founder & CEO
Carver Anderson
Co-Founder & COO
Tim Glenister
Co-Founder & CTO
Kerry Shaw
Colleen Wachob
Chief Revenue Officer
Selma-Rachel Swire
Head of Creative
David Porzio
VP of Product
Nico Oscoff
Head of Production
Allie White
Associate Editor
Emi Boscamp
Associate Editor
Carrie Farrell
Event Director
Jake Sussman
Business Development Manager
Mike Isley
Software Engineer
Mina Jeong
Software Engineer
Lina Gonzalez
Senior Designer
Una Graonic
Audience Development Manager
Peter Trombino
Director of Brand Partnerships
Rebecca Stump
Brand Partnership Manager
Anna Williams
Health & Parenting Editor
Emma Loewe
Editorial Intern
Leah Vanderveldt
Associate Food Editor

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