A Mini-Meditation To Help You Start Your Day Off Right
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I’m a busy wife, mom, and business owner, and (to put it mildly) I’m a total Type-A personality. I write up my to-do list each night before I go to sleep, and it’s the first thing I see when I wake up, just begging for my attention. 

When I carve out a little time for myself and practice yoga or take a few moments to meditate, I am reminded how important the mind-body connection is. Within minutes I’m breathing deeper, my racing thoughts slow down, and I begin to experience an integrated consciousness connecting mind, body and sprit. Yeah, my list is still there, but I’m busy taking care of me right now.

In a yoga class, the moves can gradually grow in intensity, but you are encouraged to accept where you are at that moment. There is no judgement, on others and most importantly, not on yourself. This moment is for you, letting go of those nagging negative thoughts and surrendering to the divine force that works within you. 

What an exceptional way to approach life’s to do list!

Hey, I know we all have a boatload of stuff going on. We face difficult day-to-day challenges, which can interrupt our natural hormonal rhythms and sleep patterns. Life is ridiculously stressful—work, family, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, so much to do and so little time. I get it, stressed out and frazzled!

Time-tested yoga and meditation help you physically and mentally, and you don’t have to be a seasoned yogi or an expert in meditation to experience immediate benefits.  

Here’s a quick mediation I use myself and one you can do anywhere:

1. Find a quiet spot. Start by sitting in a comfortable position or lie down. Make sure all your gadgets are turned off. If you like play soothing music, dim the lights, light a candle, set the mood.

2. Close your eyes and begin slow, deep breathing. Feel the breath moving in and out of the nose, feel your belly rise and fall. Imagine your breath slowly spreading throughout your body. Inhale positive energy, exhale negative energy. If your mind begins to wander, bring yourself back to focusing on your breath. 

3. Choose a simple mantra to repeat in your head with each inhale and exhale. Example: I am life, I am love, I am peace. Stay in this state as long as you like. Even just several minutes can set you up for a more relaxed, tuned-in, successful day. 

Letting go of all the expectations we impose on ourselves isn’t always easy and takes some practice, but that to do list can wait a just a little bit longer, can’t it?

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