3 Ways To Get Rid Of The "Perfect Body" Myth
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You hear it all the time: Be comfortable in your own skin. What exactly does that mean? Should I be comfortable at an uncomfortable weight? Should I seek comfort over beauty? So many women struggle finding a healthy balance between feeling good and looking good, because the two don't always come part of a package deal. 

Whether underweight or overweight, many people tend to lose themselves when it comes to food. Here are three ways to keep the peace amidst the storm:

1. Stop obsessing. 

Sure, every girl want to look like the latest magazine cover model, but lets face it, they don't really look like that. If you don't have that perfect hourglass figure or stick straight hair, it's ok. You're human, not a mechanically altered Barbie doll. Instead of frowning upon yourself for what you're not, think about what you are: Kind, beautiful, spiritual … the list goes on.

2. Dig beneath the surface.

Having a nice body is great, but what happens beyond that is even more important. A pretty face may get you through the door, but what's going to keep you there? Sometimes people who focus all of their energy into their appearance forget about their intellectual character or social life. Beauty is only skin deep, so building substance beyond your looks is essential to truly lasting beauty. Read a book, write a book; find something you love, find someone you love.

3. Love yourself. 

Surrounding yourself with unconditional love comes along with feeling good, but also being able to love and appreciate yourself. Self-love is the number one thing you can do for yourself to alleviate the stresses that society will throw at you. If you can look in the mirror and appreciate your curvy hips or uneven bust, then you've discovered that beauty is imperfect and imperfection feels good!

There's a lot of pressure to look "perfect," and believe it or not, my perfect isn't your perfect. Adriana Lima's perfect is not Kate Upton's perfect, and I think we can agree that they are both exceptionally stunning women. The truth is that everyone's beauty, or "perfection," comes at different sizes, shapes and weights. If you embrace your body in spite of society's pressure and inconsistent realities, then you've officially mastered what it means to be beautiful. No number on a scale can beat that.

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