5 Healthy Foods Guaranteed To Keep You Full

Hunger is the downfall of many a dieter.

Eating a salad for lunch is easy, it’s resisting the cupcakes in the break room at 3 pm that’s hard. Or, the post-dinner dessert menu.

If our meals aren't satisfying and we physically and mentally feel like we're starving ourselves, we're probably going to get ravenously hungry and end up binging on anything and everything.

If you're feeling perpetually hungry, it's highly likely that you aren't including enough fiber on your plate.

Try adding more of these fiber-packed foods to your diet, and watch your hunger pangs disappear:

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About the Author

Maria Marlowe (formerly Maria Guadagno) is the author of Detox without the Deprivation and is a Certified Health Coach. She has made it her mission to help America get healthy through better nutrition. Maria coaches clients to get healthy through both one-on-one and group programs. She hosts monthly nutrition workshops in NYC, and publishes a weekly newsletter and blog with nutrition tips and recipes that make healthy food taste good. Kickstart your wellness with her free Healthy, Happy, & Glowing Guide.