Ditch The Drama
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Fact: Something can always go wrong. Life has never been (and will never be) status quo. Like, ever. Now, I’m not getting all doom and gloom, I’m just saying that accepting that the shit is bound to hit the fan periodically helps mitigate the inevitable frustration.

When life goes awry, you can acknowledge this truth by saying: Yup, here’s that bump in the road I hit from time to time. Let’s drive straight through it with as much style and grace as I can muster.

Declare upfront that you will not allow the drama to snuff out your better judgement and that you’re utterly, completely capable of getting the right stuff done.

Our focus needs to stay on the goal, what is possible, what can be worked out, the solution. One thing that failure and success have taught me: 

Drama is a complete waste of time and energy.

You retain your creative power by choosing to forgo it. And quite frankly? You’re a whole lot more fun to be around.

After an intense roller coaster of failing and succeeding, all truly successful people eventually decide that drama isn’t efficient, effective or sexy. The truth is, if you’re trying “get even,” spreading gossip, throwing a fit, fault-finding or going to dramatic lengths to prove yourself right and them wrong—you’re not focused on meaningful goals. Rather, you’re focused on getting attention.

How can you avoid drama?

1. Surround yourself with positive, drama-free people.

We all know people who seem to attract foolishness and Dramatics. You don’t need to be around that. Calm, collected, gracious people? Yes. People prone to public crying jags and tantrums? You’re better than that. Remember, you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. 

2. Create a plan for those inevitable times that shit hits the fan. 

We’ve all gone through rough patches and – surprise! – we didn’t die. What did you learn the last time around? What plan can you create right.now – when things are going smoothly? Maybe you know you need to up your yoga when times get tough, or call your coach, or turn off your phone for three days. Create a disaster plan so you’re ready when times get tough.

3. Take the long view

Your grandma was right when she said “This too shall pass.” It really, really, really will. Drama serves no one. Calm serves everyone.

“Going with it” when drama strikes doesn’t mean that it will be a comfortable ride. 
There may be tears.
You may need to dismantle things.
You might even get angry or disappointed.
But all the while you understand that “getting even” is a major energy suck and that your focus is on legitimate purpose.

Life is not about WHAT you experience. 
Life is about HOW you experience it.
Engaging in drama will take your train off the tracks.
And who has time for that?

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