10 Things To Keep In Your Fridge If You're Trying To Be Vegan

Everyone's been there: You come home from a long day, open the fridge, and find nothing to eat. Usually this leads to ordering takeout, or eating a less than ideal meal. By keeping your fridge stocked with a few healthy eating essentials, you'll always be prepared to make a quick, clean meal or snack for yourself!

About the Author

After countless hours developing healthy recipes in her own kitchen and sharing them with friends around the world Sara realized that all people needed were the right tools, simple steps to follow and easy, quick recipes. Her mission was to educate and to simplify and thus the "clean, pure and simple" way of life was born. Sara lives in New York City with her husband and dog and enjoys exploring all of the healthy hidden treasures the city has to offer from local food markets and vegetarian restaurants to natural beauty finds and fun new fitness classes. All of her favorites can be found on her website, SaraJaneMercer.com

Photo Credit: Mia McDonald